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Akande The Butcher.png Name: AKANDE THE BUTCHER
Level: 53
Difficulty: 6 dots
Race: Undead
Type: Warrior
Location: The Shrine of Gazzriel.
Chunk: Old Targonor

Akande the Butcher is a level 53, 6 dots named mob related to the Griffon Quest line, more specifically the Memories of the Old Blood quest.

He comes when the following line appears to the screen :

A booming voice fills the air : 'Tempt my wrath and I shall grant it eagerly'

Known drops

Known abilities

  • Pact of Blood: 50% Rune versus all damage types
  • Shadowburn: A spiritually based defensive ability that increases evasion slightly for the caster
  • Phase Shift: A short duration buff that grants the target double the evasion
  • Malefic Touch: DoT + Snare (presumably an AE, physicaly based)
  • Wrath of the butcher: Damage and mitigation increased and magnified each time Akande unleaches his wrath
  • Summons Zyrconix, a small dog, to his side


He's rooted, so he must be fought where he stands, be aware that he will summon anyone in his hate list that is at more than 9 meters from him. First, clean the mobs around him, to avoid adds during the fight.

He summons regularly a dog (Zyrconix), that must be tanked as well (presumably by a paladin because he hits hard and invulnerability is a must have). The dog depops regularly so the second tank must be focused on taunting him quickly each time. The ability of the dog is to force aggro on him, so the main tank, just in case, must have a macro ready with a /targetauto "AKANDE THE BUTCHER" on the first line, then whatever aggro/damage abilities he needs.

The idea is to burn slowly between the Pact of Blood appears until 40%, at which step Akande will cast his Wrath of the Butcher, which makes him hit harder and harder. At this point, unleach every scrap of damage you can (Quickening Symbiote is a must have here) until he end up dead. The pact may appear before the end: don't stop hitting, the speed is the key for this second half of the fight.

Since he hits harder each seconds, at 20-25% the tank must mitigate as much as he can, and the healers must double their efforts.

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