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Level: 53
Difficulty: 6 dots
Race: Undead
Type: Caster
Location: Library Wing (APW)
Chunk: Ancient Port Warehouse

Known drops

Known abilities

  • Symbol of Obstruction: Mitigation: +100%. Stun Chance on Hit: 15%.
  • Shield of Friction: Damage Shield: Shock.
  • Scream of the Grand Enchantress: The piercing screams of Athriss have stunned you and silenced your thoughts.
  • Shifting Aura: Incomming Healing Effectiveness: 40%.
  • Beguile: Stunned.


Levitate prevent people from going on the platform, you should strip it before engage.

She will silence with a frontal AoE. Anyone that take aggro must run to the tank.

She will spawn adds. Two types of sparks:

  • Energy Essence. These must die very fast.
  • Nullifying Essence. These can be charmed so they can attack Athriss. Or they can be killed as the others.

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