Ability types

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Ability types by class
Class Physical Mental Spiritual Arcane Cold Fire
Bard Fasant's Chant of Corruption Eaon's Blasting Bellow, Eaon's Booming Bellow Fasant's Chant of Winter
Bloodmage Union of Blood, Bursting/Exploding Cyst, Exsanguinate, Flesh Rend, Blood Letting Ritual, Blood Thief None None Despoil, Entwining Vein, Blood Tribute, Severing Ritual, Scarlet Ritual None None
Cleric None None Condemnation, Doom, Litany of Enjoining, Power of Reprisal None None Holy Fire
Disciple Touch of the Ox Touch of Woe, Blooming Ridge Hand, Essence Thief
Dreadknight Abyssal Chains, Backlash, Cull, Devour Mind, Devour Strengh, Torture None Bane, Hex of Ill Omen, Incantation of Hate, Word of Doom None None None
Druid Binding Roots, Deadly Swarm, Earthquake, Ensnare, Nature's Wrath, Piercing Roots, Rampant Roots, Venomous Thorns, Wild Growth, Wither None None Call Lightning, Cyclone, Hibernate, Ire, Lighning Strike, Nature's Calm, Quelling Wind, Starfall, Stormcaller's Fury, Thunderclap None Fireseeds, Summon Magma Elemental, Solar Flare, Suncaller's Fury
Monk None None Secret of Transcendence None Secret of Ice Secret of Flames
Necromancer Bone Spike, Crippling Blight Torment
Psionicist Compression Sphere, Thought Pulse Mental Blast None Temporal Shift, Temporal Fracture None None
Ranger Barbshroud, Destructive swarm, Envenomed strike, Poisoned Shot Blade of Storms, Hurricane, Shocking Arrow, Static Surge, Maelstrom Blade of winter, Freeze Blade of Summer, Swelter
Shaman Grasp of Goromund, Kiss of Nag-Suul, Lethargy, Nag-Suul's Sting Spirit Strike, Umbra Burst Gelid Blast, Hoarfrost, Winter's Roar
Sorcerer None None None Taqmir's Bolts, Taqmir's barrage Frostbite, Ice Quake, Cold Wave, Freeze, Seradon's Falling Star, Inidria's Frigid Blast Char, Fireball, Flame Spear, Incinerate, Inidria's Inferno, Blinding Fire, Meteor Storm