Accessing the Ancient Port Warehouse

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Quest Giver

Kipcel in Innovus, at the entrance of Ancient Port Warehouse, south part of the port.

Quest text

Kipcel says: A great and pestilent dragon, Kotasoth, dwells beneath us and his servant, Lord Fumobeso, was dispatched to scout the land above.

We must destroy Fumobeso before he can fulfill his master's wishes. Do this and I will grant you the key to the Ancient Port Warehouse.

Our reports state that you will find him either near Forest's Heart, within the Jharru Flats, or the Sundering Wastelands. Seek out the wandering fungal lord, use this sungal sedative, then slay his weakened self.


Lord Fumobeso, a wandering fungal lord, can be found near Forest's Heart, within the Jharru Flats, or around the Sundering Wastelands. Weaken it with the fungal sedative, slay it, then return to Kipcel at the Port of Innovus


Being level 48.


  • Lord Fumobeso Slain


One of the four signets of the warehouse, and a Mechanical Key.