Achatlan Lair

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Achatlan Lair.jpg

This dungeon is located in Veskal's Exchange and has a level range from 27-32.


These NPCs levels have been changed during the patches prior to the free to play launch.


  • [12] Ettercaps and the Poisoned Forest
    Given by Tyndale
    Collect spider venom glands an put them in the provided jar. Also, collect ettercap eggs and store them within the provided box. Finally, find proof that other sentient beings are allied with the ettercaps.
    • Achatlan Spider Venom Glands Placed in Jar (0/8)
    • Ettercap Eggs Placed in Box (0/8)
    • Tyndales Box (0/1)
    • Tyndales Jar (0/1)
    • Redcap Missive (0/1)
    • [12] The Achatlan Invaders Plans
      Given by Tyndale
      Warden Tyndale believes that someone within the Achatlan Caves is organizing the Ettercaps and Redcaps, but he is unsure of why. Travel into the Caves and attempt to discover the invader's plans; a subtle approach, such as eavesdropping, may be necessary.
      • Discover the Achatlan Invaders Plans
      • [12] Achatlan Portal
        Given by Tyndale
        Tyndale was troubled by the news of a portal within the Achatlan Caves and asked that it be destroyed. Arcanist Mauveen in Veskal's Exchange can provide what is necessary to close the portal. Speak with her, destroy the portal and return to Tyndale
        • Destroy the Achatlan Portal