Arks of Harmony

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Arks of Harmony.jpg

This dungeon is located in Jalen's Crossing and has a level range from 09-12.


This dungeon is also known as the "Arks of Refuge".

The Raki built the Arks of Harmony as a means to flee their home world through the rift to Thestra. Now, however, they've lost control of them and could use some help in reclaiming them.

A true showstopper dungeon. The Arks hang high in the sky over southern Kojan and characters working their way through the areas below will have likely spent several levels ogling them and wondering how to get there. Jalen's Crossing is the answer. The entrance to the Arks of Harmony is an activatable table of runes directly in front of the quest giver at Jalen's Crossing. This will teleport you up to the main island from which you can visit the four smaller islands in any order.

Each of the five arks is a beautiful garden, the four smaller ones each being dedicated to one of the four elements. The Earth Ark has a raised area that allows you to get high enough to look down over the garden walls for one of the best views in all of the game. I strongly advise timing your Earth Ark visit to coincide with daylight hours and have your screenshot key ready.

This dungeon can be done with a duo or small group. The central Ark is filled with two dot mobs and can be soloed at will but the four smaller islands are full of 3 dots that often come in groups as well as 4 dot nameds and bosses. Make sure you're in a group that's up to handling a 4 dot and multiple 3 dots and you should be alright.

There is no quest for the final boss but he is well worth the visit. Each of the four quest bosses will drop a soulbound elemental orb. Have the same character loot all of these. Once you have all four in your inventory, click the pedestal on the center ark. You will have a new option to "examine it more closely". Choose that and it will port you into the central tower. Step into the blue light for a fun ride to the top of the tower and the final fight.

There is also a diplomacy quest at Jalen's Crossing that leads to the central Ark.


  • Boffa - 11/3
  • Ffoop - 11/4
  • Len'Sytra - 11/3
  • Renfear - 11/3
  • Shar'leez - 11/3
  • SHINU NABEMAH - 12/4
  • Vylax - 11/3


  • [11] Taint of the Yukionna (Small Group)
    Given BY: NPC Cammora
    • Bring back the head of Len'Sytra
    • Bring back the head of Renfear
    • Bring back the head of Shar'leez
    • Bring back the head of Vylax