Bard Abilities

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Artificer Warrior Ranger Cleric Sorcerer
Blacksmith Paladin Rogue Shaman Druid
Outfitter Dread Knight Monk Disciple Psionicist
Bard Blood Mage Necromancer

Class bard.png


Level Acquisition Skill Effect
Unknown Dance of Blades.png Dance of Blades
Unknown Water Dance.png Water Dance
Unknown Careen of the Cunning.png Careen of the Cunning

Level 1-50 Abilities

Level 1-50 Song Components

Dropped Abilities

Level Dropped By Description
50 Unknown
Eaon's Composition of Superior Blasting Bellow.png
50 Unknown
Sheet Music Sung's Renewing Rest.png

Learnable Abilities

Level 51-55 Abilities