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[[File:APW Basement Wing.png|right]]
[[File:APW Basement Wing.png|right]]
[[File:APW Lower Basement.png|right|400px]]
[[File:APW Upper Basement.png|right|400px]]
[[File:APW Upper Basement.png|right|400px]]
[[File:Mysterious Ark.png|right|frame|Mysterious Ark]]
[[File:Mysterious Ark.png|right|frame|Mysterious Ark]]
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*'''g''' [[Frenzied Sporeling]]
*'''g''' [[Frenzied Sporeling]]
[[File:APW Lower Basement.png|400px]]

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APW Basement Wing.png
APW Lower Basement.png
APW Upper Basement.png
Mysterious Ark

This wing is also known as The Abandoned Corridors and is part of the Ancient Port Warehouse.



  • A Mysterious Ark

(Click to obtain the Lift Key for the elevator to/from Innovus.)


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