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<gallery widths=180px heights=120px perrow=5>
<gallery widths=180px heights=120px perrow=5>
Snippet of Wisdom.jpg|Everyone gets this one
Snippet of Wisdom.jpg|Everyone gets this one
ForcefulDemand.jpg|Demand Classes
Forceful_Demand.jpg|Demand Classes
Flattering_Remark.jpg|Flattering Classes
Flattering_Remark.jpg|Flattering Classes
BlanketAccusation.jpg|Inspire Classes
Blanket_Accusation.jpg|Inspire Classes
Good_Point.jpg|Reason Classes
Good_Point.jpg|Reason Classes

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Game Description

Speak with Nazlen and read through Beginning Diplomacy Tutorial: Strategy.

Then, hail Nazlen and choose the parley option entitled Parley.

Follow Nazlen's instructions and the will tell you how to win a parley.

  • Parley Part One
  • Parley Part Two


Nalzen Hun'tlar gives you two cards before the Parleys. One card is given to players of all classes, and the other card depends on which class you are:

The Tutorial teaches you how to use them.

After completing both Parleys, hail Nazlen again for your reward


Quest Offering

Nalzen says, "There is a time for blades and a time for words. True power lies in knowing not only when to use one or the other, but when to use them both." "I am going to teach you how to win an argument. Carefully read the dialogue as the process unfolds. I'll explain Expression, the push and pull of discussion, and how to win."

"Beginning Diplomacy Tutorial: Strategy."

Nalzen Hun'tlar says, "Welcome to the game of Diplomacy. The game itself will be represented as a card game between you and your opponent. I will teach you now how to construct your initial hand of cards, or Strategy as I will call it from now on, so that you may proceed into your first tutorial dialogue. It will also be your first time engaging in Diplomacy!"

"Keep in mind that this and other tutorials will always be available to you, so you may go through them at your own pace."

["I would like to continue and learn how to construct this Strategy."]

"Cards for your Strategy will be represented by Abilities in your Abilities Book. Open your Abilities Book now by clicking on the book icon on your taskbar or by pressing the Abilities Hotkey."

"Once your Abilities Book is open, click on the Diplomacy tab at the bottom of the window. This is where your cards are permanently held on your character."

"Click on the red Strategy button to open your Strategy Tray. If this is your first time, you will notice 5 gray slots. This means they are empty."

["How do I place the cards in my Abilities Book in my Strategy Tray?"]

"To place a card in your Strategy Tray, click-and-drag your chosen Diplomacy Ability to an empty slot on the Strategy Tray."

"If this is your first time, you should have two cards in your Abilities Book, 'Snippet of Wisdom' and one other card."

"The terms ability and card will be used interchangeably throughout this tutorial. For Diplomacy these mean the same thing, so don't be confused if you see one or the other."

["I have placed both cards in my Strategy Tray."]

"You cannot use any of your cards in the Diplomacy game if they are not in your Strategy Tray. Only those cards in the tray are available to you during a Parley, the term use for a Diplomacy contest."

"Once you click complete below, you may engage me in Parley."

"Remember, you may return to this tutorial anytime you wish."

["I would like to complete this tutorial now and be taken to the final page."]

"There will be more to learn later; remember that this is only the Beginning Tutorial for Diplomacy."

"To conclude, a Parley option on a character will look like a pen and inkwell with a title next to it. You will also see colored icons next to this option. I will explian what these mean at a later time."

"You should not see one of these Parley options below, entitled 'Parley Part One.' Click this option to begin your first parley."

"Parley Part One"

To begin this lesson, single-click the card "Snippet of Wisdom." After it appears on the Parley UI, which we'll call the Gameboard, click the green Speak button to play the card.

This will move the Parley Indicator, progressing the dialogue. Playing a card will also end your turn and begin your opponent's turn.

For now click on the second card in your Strategy Tray and press Speak to play it.

You will notice that you have two buttons at the bottom of the Gameboard: Speak and Listen. If you have no cards available to play, or do not wish to play a card, you may press Listen in order to pass your turn.

Take a moment to move your mouse pointer over the playing field. By passing your mouse cursor over the various elements of parley: the Gameboard and your Strategy Tray, you will be able to read explanations of each part's function.

Now to tell you how you can win. On the far right side of the Parley UI, or Gameboard, you will see two speech bubbles with numbers next to them at the top and bottom of the board. These speech bubbles display your current number of Dialogue Points.

Dialogue Points are the number of points you and your opponent need to count down in order to win the parley. The bottom number is your total; when it reaches zero, you win. If your opponent reaches zero Dialogue Points before you do, you will lose.

In order to score Dialogue Points you will need to move the Parley Indicator, the circle on the track betwen the speech bubbles, to your side of the track. You will earn a Dialogue Point on any turn the Parley Indicator is on your side of the board - it doesn't matter how far.

As you earn these points, you will see the number within your speech bubble decrease. you will also earn lines of dialogue here within the dialogue box as a further reward.

Remember: the bottom half of the Gameboard represents you, and the top half represents your opponent. The dots under the 4 colored icons in the middle represent "Expression", which will be explained further along in this tutorial.

To bring it together, the number on the wax seal in the upper right corner on your card is it's Influence. Influence is the number of points you will move the Parley Indicator towards your side of the track.

Remember, if the indicator is on your side at the end of your turn, or your opponent's you win a Dialogue Point. The same holds true for your opponent. If they manage to pull the Parley Indicator onto their side, they will earn Dialogue Points.

Remember this as well: it doesn't matter if the Parley indicator is at 1 or 10, only one Dialogue Point will ever be earned in a turn.

Take a moment to read all of this over and understand it and then we'll move on to the next lesson. Clicking the Continue button will erase this dialogue, but you will be able to repeat this Parley as many times as you wish.

Once you are done, click the Continue button, Hail me, and the second Parley of this lesson: Parley Part Two

"Parley Part Two"

Like before, single-click the card "Snippet of Wisdom." After it appears on the Gameboard, click the green Speak button to play the card. This will move the Parley Indicator

In this lesson you will learn about Expression - the colored icons on your cards and on the Gameboard - and how Expression influences gameplay.

Expression is represented by the small colored icon in the middle of the Gameboard. Simply put, Expression is the fuel for your cards.

Many cards have a cost, and that cost comes in the form of Expression. The four Expressions types, from left to right, are: Demand Diplomacy Demand Icon.png, Reason Diplomacy Reason Icon.png, Inspire Diplomacy Inspire Icon.png and Flattery Diplomacy Flattery Icon.png.

Card cost is clearly labeled in the middle of the card. The cards you have currently have no cost, the colored icons display no numbers.

Any card with a cost will display a number within the colored icon to represent how many points of that Expression type will be taken from your side of the Gameboard when you play that card.

Notice that during this parley the Expression field has been slowly filling up on both sides. Everything I play the card "Patient Words," I give you one green Reason Expression.

In parley, playing cards will often move Expression around the Gameboard. It is an important aspect of the game.

You will see the third Expression type, Inspire is blacked out. This is a Convince converstation, as displayed at the top of the Gameboard - Convince converstations prohibit the use of Inspire Expression from being used.

There are five types of converstations: Gossip prohibits Reason ; Entertain prohibits Demand ; Incite prohibits Flattery ; Convince prohibits Inspire and Interview prohibits nothing. Each Parley option, as you saw lists the icons of the allowed Expression types just below its title.

Look at the bottom half of the cards. Just like the Gameboard, your cards can have numbers in the colored area above and the brown area below the four colored icons representing the Expression types.

These indicate how much Expression is given out by that card to your opponent (colored top) and yourself (bottom) when the card is played. These cards are relative to who played the card: your opponent's cards give or take from your Expression based on what is in the top half.

This parley is finished, and you have as much time as you like to review this Dialogue. Once you press Continue, however, the text is gone - so make sure you read everything before continuing

These training parleys are repeatable, and you can practice as much as you want.

Quest Completion

Nalzen says, "Even the greatest wyrm was once a hatchling, so too will your skill progress with experience."

"This time I spoke while you just Listened. Don't get me wrong! Listening at the right time in parley is a powerful tool."


Nalzen says, "You've been seen speaking with me and have been noticed by... others. Various factions have begun taking notice, and new plans are being drawn! This is a two-edged sword, however, for to them you are but a pawn: useful, yet easily disposable, should the situation warrant it."

"Take a moment to reflect on this, then speak with me when you are ready to continue."