Blood Mage

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Class bloodmage.png
Type: Healer
Primary Stats: Intelligence, Wisdom, Vitality
Armor: Light Armor
Weapons: Staves, Wands, Daggers
Shields: No
Special Abilities: Blood Union, Organ Harvest
Diplomacy Expression: Flattery Diplomacy Flattery Icon.png
Free to play restriction: Limited to level 20.


The Blood Mage, an arcane defensive caster, uses mastery of blood to heal or destroy.

Mastery over blood allows the Blood Mage total control over the entire spectrum of mortality, birth unto death. Blood Mages can drain an opponent of life and transfer it to an ally, or even share some of their own. Healing comes naturally to the Blood Mage, as does destruction. With their ability to explode an opponent's organs, bring their blood to boil and heal an ally by draining their life essence, the Blood Mage makes a valuable friend and a formidable foe.


Blood Mage Abilities


Blood Mage Quests


Blood Mage Armor Sets

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