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Cennfar the Cannibal.png Name: CENNFAR THE CANNIBAL
Level: 53
Difficulty: 6
Race: Undead
Type: Fighter
Location: Arhklight Abbey (North West of the city)
Chunk: Old Targonor

Known drops

Known abilities

  • Major Enchantment: Thick Skin : Adds a small amount of armor mitigation for a short period of time.
  • Gluttony of the Cannibal : The knight craves all pain delivered to him. Damage: +35%.
  • Consumption : The knight transfers 100% of your damage into health.

Faction details

  • Tursh Village: +100
  • New Targonor: +100
  • Thestran Watch: +100
  • Cartheon Empire: -100

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