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Level: 53
Difficulty: 6 Dots
Race: Vulmane
Type: Necromancer
Location: Chath's base
Chunk: Heroes' Plain

Known abilities

  • Zero Toss: Melee damage that pushes back (average 1600 dmg/hit).
  • Curse of the Featherless Wing: prevents from having any levitation buff, except for the necromancer's higher one.
  • Greater Poison: Paralysed:
  • Major Poison: Tail Sting:
  • Blindness:
  • Paralyzed:
  • Strike: Melee damage (average 1100 dmg/hit).
  • Blast: Physical damage (average 1600 dmg/hit).
  • Light Sap: Spiritual life drain (average 400 dmg/hit).


His pushing back makes his positionning hard, necromancer's levitate or parachute (dismount from a flying mount before coming in his cave, a griffon merchant is close to the entrance) will help a lot with that.

At 50% of his life, he will begin to cast a spell, and will enter a stasis form (Transference) which won't allow fighting against him. His pet will appear then: CHATH'S BROKEN VESSEL. This is a strong pet, which will have a enchantment (Major Enchantment: Aura of Corruption) that does a massive damage (over 10.000 damages) in addition to his already massive hits (around 5.000 damages with 65.01% melee mitigation).

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