Ca'ial Brael

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Chunk Ca'ial Brael.png Chunk: Ca'ial Brael
Continent: Kojan
North Chunk: Jalen's Crossing
West Chunk: Tawar Galan
South Chunk: Isle of Elionia
East Chunk: Sea of Kojan
Closest Riftway: Jalen's Crossing
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Deep in the forest surrounded on all sides by mountains lives the elves of Kojan. Their city is built by magically altering the growth pattern of trees, and over the course of several decades, they have shaped them into living domiciles. Rivers meander through the base of the city providing a peaceful and serene surrounding that is sure to put the most troubled adventurer at ease. Giant stained glass windows are set into the larger guild halls in the centre of the city. Just up the road at Whitefawn Retreat is where players begin their adventure as a wood elf.

The residents have adopted the cast away raki who were marooned on the island after fleeing their home world. The raki have adapted well and they are now an integral part of the village's culture and traditions. Large chunks of the raki home world fell through the rift when it was briefly opened, but the raki are reluctant to explore these ruins that either float in the sky above, or lay crashed into the mountainside.

Much like the residents of Tanvu far to the north, the elves and raki are fending off constant assaults from the invading ulvari. These fiends have taken over many of the ancestral tombs of the combined peoples of Kojan and must be stopped. As a wood elf or raki, you must deal with this problem or suffer the fate of your ancestors.