Cavern of Notzgha

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Cavern of Notzgha.gif

This dungeon is located in The Temple of Dailuk.


  • A Apenlippe's Corps
  • B Upper Left Shard
  • C Lower Right Shard
  • D Upper Right Shard
  • E Lower Left Shard



Beacon of Hafeez Al'Azzimat

  1. [14] Another Infestation Problem
    Given By: Archaeologist Palp Rengoa
    • Kill 10 Neathods
    • Kill 15 Scorpions
  2. [14] Find Apenlippe
    Given By: Archaeologist Palp Rengoa
    • Find Apenlippe (Corps on the Ground Just inside the entrance)
    • Recover his Journal
  3. [14] Deciphering the Journal
    Given By: Archaeologist Palp Rengoa
    • Obtain a Notzgha Writing Sample
    • Retrive the Rune Stone of Undoing
    • Retrive the Rune Stone of Unleashing
    • Retrive the Rune Stone of Freedom
    • Retrive the Rune Stone of Unfastening
      All of the Rune stones and the writing sample were random loot drops from the Notzgha.
  4. [14] Unexpected Circumstances
    Given By: Random loot item Notzgha Writing Sample
    • Summon the Great One
    From here head to any of those Tablets you have seen sticking out of the ground. Unlocking one with the runes will start the next part of the quest chain.
  5. [15] Tablets of Awakening
    Given By: Ground spawn item Tablet Shard
    • Lower Left Shard
    • Lower Right Shard
    • Upper Left Shard
    • Upper Right Shard
    The quest from here states you need obtain the 4 tablet chunks, target the great one, then speak his name. I targeted him and clicked the Tablets and that unlocked him. Just a little FYI to be ready. When you kill Him Archaeologist Palpe will apear to finish the Quest and yell at you for killing the Great One. Make sure you talk to him to defend your honor.
  6. [16] Betrayal
    Given By: NPC Conversation Archaeologist palpe
    • Defend your Self