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Class cleric.png
Type: Healer
Primary Stat: Wisdom, Vitality
Armor: Heavy Armor
Weapons: Mace, Hammer, Club, Great Maul.
Shields: Yes
Special Abilities: Affinity
Diplomacy Expression: Inspire Diplomacy Inspire Icon.png
Free to play restriction: None.


The Cleric, a divine defensive caster, is a servant of the gods capable of incredible healing and destruction.

The Cleric uses the power of divinity to benefit their fellow adventurers and wreak havoc on opponents. Their abilities include powerful heals and spells that augment and protect. Clerics are also the bane of unlife, gaining incredible power when fighting undead opponents. Clerics prefer to wade into battle alongside their martial allies using powerful melee attacks to smash their opponents while augmenting their group. Clerics wear heavy armor and prefer crushing weapons of all varieties.


Cleric Abilities


Cleric Quests


Cleric Armor Sets

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