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CultUI Information

CultUI is a project being worked upon by Terriok of Cult of the Angry Goblins, and features a re-worked and largely re-skinned Drox, mixed with modifications made only for this interface.

Coming Soon

  • Custom CultUI options window
  • Bugs fixed
  • New target window
  • New defensive target window
  • New castbars

CultUI Change Log

v2.1.0 Changes

  • New Castbars
  • New Player Status Window
  • Container Icons contained within one window
  • Mindspy window added (see note)
  • G15 hotbar finished
  • Ability window modded to show page number
  • Target window, added /assistoffensive button
  • Started to swap in new bar graphics, can be seen in target window, castbars and player status

v2.1.0 Notes

  • Mindspy! If you are a PSI then leave Cult_Mindspy.xml as a loaded window inside your index file.If you have a PSI alt, and want to save a layout for them that features this window, I have not added a toggle button to the layout options yet, simply make a macro as follows: /togglewindow Cult Mindspy

v2.0.0 Changes

  • First release of beta interface 2!
  • Diplomacy revamp
  • Dialogue revamp
  • Abilities revamp
  • Social revamp
  • Hotbar revamp
  • Backgrounds revamp
  • Minimisable buffs/debuffs
  • Font size on all buffs/debuffs changed
  • General icon sizes altered


  • Initial UI by Drox
  • InfoMap by Soresha
  • Tedak for the inspiration for "that" button!
  • Berk for taking the plunge and trying out the first beta