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Level: 53
Difficulty: 6 dots
Race: Undead
Type: Dreadknight
Location: He roams in the Library Wing, specifically in the Great Hangar.
Chunk: Ancient Port Warehouse

A Dreadknight can learn the Ancient Word of Doom Ability by fighting Dread Lord Malazath.

Known drops

Known abilities

  • Rising Dread: Dreadfull Countenance I. Critical Hit Chance: +5%.
  • Wave of Despair: Dreadfull Countenance II. Critical Hit Chance: +15%.
  • Fell Aura: Dreadfull Countenance III. Critical Hit Chance: +30%.
  • Hopelessness: Dreadfull Countenance IV. Critical Hit Chance: +50%.
  • Frightfull Aura: All melee attacks increase Dreadfull Countenance.
  • Greater Curse: Abyssal Chains: Mouvement: -70%. DoT. Silenced: 10 seconds.
  • Greater Curse: Soul Grasp: Your nerves begin to twitch.
  • Greater Curse: Torture: Dot. Decrease Endurance Over Time. Stunned: 2 seconds.
  • Major Enchantment: Apothic Shield: Damage Rune: +100%.
  • Major Enchantment: Symbol of Despair: Enchantment: Damage Rune. Chance to Stun: +15%. Increases Dreadful Countenance Over Time.
  • Major Enchantment: Symbol of Suffering: Enchantment: Spiritual Damage Shield. Increases Dreadful Countenance Over Time.
  • Major Stance: Armor of Darkness: Mitigation: +15%. Increase Dreadfull Countenance Over Time.
  • Major Stance: Ebon Hand: Damage: +15%. Increase Dreadfull Countenance Over Time.
  • Major Curse: Wrack: This greater curse makes you feel extremely vulnerable to Ruin.


During the fight, he increases his dreadful countenance. With every step, his damage output will increase drastically. This can be mitigated by dispelling and pushing stances as they seem to be the fuel for his dreadful countenance.

Malazath puts up several stances and enchantments. Have pushers and dispellers aware and alert to remove them at ALL times.

One of the auras is "Fell Aura". EVERYONE must stop attacking during this. Think of it as a superior "Furious".

Dread Lord will also curse the tank. This also MUST be removed. It will allow the tank to be one shotted if not.

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