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Image:Black Colored Wyvern Egg.png|[[Black Colored Wyvern Egg]]
Image:Black Colored Wyvern Egg.png|[[Black Colored Wyvern Egg]]
Image:Coward's Claw.png|[[Coward's Claw]]
Image:Coward's Claw.png|[[Coward's Claw]]
Image:Dresla s Talon.png|[[Dresla's Talon]]
Image:Dresla's Talon.png|[[Dresla's Talon]]
Image:Ensorcelled Leggings.png|[[Ensorcelled Leggings]]
Image:Ensorcelled Leggings.png|[[Ensorcelled Leggings]]
Image:Green Colored Wyvern Egg.png|[[Green Colored Wyvern Egg]]
Image:Green Colored Wyvern Egg.png|[[Green Colored Wyvern Egg]]

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Level: 53
Difficulty: 6
Race: Dragon
Type: Overland Boss
Location: northeastern part of the chunk
Chunk: Forgotten Peninsula

Known drops

Known abilities


2 types of adds -

Wyvern pyrelings? spark type mobs that explode after a few seconds doing big aoe fire damage. These spawn constantly throughout the battle.

Wyvernlings, Small wyverns which spawn at the nest.

The pyrelings need to be dealt with extremely quickly - the moment they spawn. They are very weak to cold damage and 1 Sorc with a /target macro can deal with them.

The small wyverns spawn constantly throughout the fight and pose more of a problem. If these wyverns take damage it will cause dresla to become enraged and do double damage.

The trick to this fight is to deal with the small wyverns in such a way as they take no damage at all. Our previously successful strat was as follows -

MT keeps dresla force taunt immune, allowing a paladin off tank to use shining beacon to hold all the small wyverns. Paladin also casts his own group heals to build hate on the adds. Also 1/2 Psi's can area mezz these as well to help keep them under control.

The main influence on the agro of the small wyverns is healing. So the main healing for this fight comes from BM's - lifetaps make no heal agro on adds.

Other healers need to be kept detaunted as best as possible - particularly any shammies/clerics in the raid. Disc's must FD alot and not use inner light (suicide in this one).

Also everyone needs to remove damage shield buffs such as ranger/druid thing, barkshield?

Once all this is undercontrol, the main raid must DPS dresla as fast as possible, thwe quicker she dies the less adds thier will be as they will come a point where they are simply overwhelming and it is much much easier to burn her down quickly than to go into complex tank shielding and add aoe'ing situations to get over a problem with excess adds.

Therefore key elements are 1 MT, 1 paladin, 2 BM's 3 Bards, 1 Sorc, 1+ Psi, 1/2 backup healers, Mega DPS.

Positioning is, Paladin at nest, main raid in a bunch to her side, usualy under her wing, MT in front of her. Sorc standing small distance away Nuking pyrelings.

The sorc needs to be spot healed efficiently, they will take some damage and if killed its game over.

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