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Chunk Dahknarg.png Chunk: Dahknarg
Continent: Thestra
North Chunk: Halgarad
West Chunk: Wardship of the Sleeping Moon
South Chunk: Thelaseen
East Chunk: Konarthi Point
Closest Riftway: Wardship of the Sleeping Moon
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The Vulmane tribes that inhabit the settlement of Dahknarg generally prefer to keep their interests mobile. Dahknarg however, is a somewhat permanent village dug into the lower highlands where the foothills drop into the Marsh of Peril. Located just far enough away from Halgarad to the north and Leth Nurae to the southwest, the Vulmane live in relative safety with few visitors from the outside. The village is carefully situated with lookout towers and spiked walls to help keep the inhabitants safe. Most dwellings consist of brightly painted animal hides stretched across a wooden framework. Along with the chieftain's hall the village has several residential and merchant huts that overlook the fighting pit near the centre of the settlement. Painted rocks portray stories and prayers to the spirits and elders who the Vulmane believe are always looking down upon them in judgment.

The lower highlands are not without their share of conflict, and Dahknarg is at the centre of most of the activity. As long as there have been vulmane, there have been gnolls who hate them. They are sworn enemies of the Vulmane and live only to wipe them off the face of Telon. Thankfully, the gnolls have spread themselves thin as they try to deal with the encroachment of the barbarians to the north leaving only small patrols to deal with Dahknarg.

The vulmane have recently had problems with the elves of Leth Nurae as well. Hunting parties from Dahknarg routinely venture into the eastern edges of the Elven Forest to hunt and train, but rangers from the Order of the Eternal Rose have inexplicably started attacking the hunters on sight. The chief of the Vulmane seems reluctant to declare war against the elves, but something must be done as the elders are growing increasingly concerned. Most troubling of all is the image of a giant green fly that mysteriously appeared painted in elven blood on a rock in the centre of town causing the chief to call an emergency council meeting.


Known NPCs

Quest NPC Vendor Boss