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Diplomacy Quests are the part of Diplomacy that everyone will start with.

Quests will take you all over Telon, provide many rewards, and reveal a lot of the Lore of Telon during the Parleys you will have with the many NPCs you meet whilst completing each quest.

Tutorial Quests

The initial Diplomacy Tutorial Quests and Civic Diplomacy Tutorial Quests will teach you how to Parley, will give you your initial deck of cards and a variety of Diplomacy Gear that you will wear (both to look good and to provide you with the Diplomatic Presence that is required before you are permitted to start some Quests).

The Diplomacy Tutorial Quests are different for every Race and you must do them in the starting town or city. You may do the Civic Diplomacy Tutorial Quests anywhere.

General Quests

Once the Tutorials are completed, you move on to General Diplomacy Quests that everyone can do. These Quests are given by NPCs in all parts of Telon and you may have to travel great distances to reach the place where each one starts.

Most Quests require you to have certain minimum Diplomacy Skill or Diplomatic Presence and you either cannot start, or cannot complete those Quests until you meet the minimum requirements.

Quest Rewards

There are many rewards you will receive for successfully completing Diplomacy Quests.

These include:

  • Increases in Diplomacy Skill;
  • Diplomacy Gear that you can wear to look good and provide Diplomatic Presence (or access to extra cards);
  • Increases in Faction Ratings;
  • Loot that you can sell to vendors for money.

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