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Class druid.png
Type: Caster
Primary Stat: Intelligence, Vitality, Wisdom
Armor: Light Armor
Weapons: Daggers, Staves, Wands
Shields: No
Special Abilities: Forage, Phenomena
Diplomacy Expression: Inspire Diplomacy Inspire Icon.png
Free to play restriction: Limited to level 20.


The Druid is a natural offensive caster that calls upon the power of Nature itself to defeat their enemies and protect their allies.

Druids are powerful spell casters who harness the power of nature to break their enemies and bolster their allies. Druids are able to call down very powerful destruction spells called Calamities and can also produce awesome beneficial effects through the use of abilities called Wonders. Druids are able to use their impressive powers to call elementals from the earth and lightning from the sky. The Druid has little skill with martial attacks, but one who calls stone and storm their friend has little need for such base abilities.


Druid Abilities


Druid Quests


Druid Armor Sets

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