Earthbound Souls Cave

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Earthbound Souls Cave.jpg

This dungeon is located in Dahknarg and has a level range from 07-11.


Spiritrager Volsar the Chronicler says, The Spiritragers were once a proud pack. We fought alongside the rest of our kind to defeat our enemies. Using the power of the spirits to augment our physical prowess, we were unmatched in combat.

Our leader, Gulgresh and his second command dongar, were both feared and respected across all the Vulmane. However dongar had a hunger for power and could not be satiated.

Dongar was truly a great Vulmane. He led our pack through many battles in both victory and defeat. Yet his thirst for battle could not be satiated. This lust caused a dark corruption to manifaest in our bond to the spirits.

At first this was barely a ripple in the great ocean of spiritual energy, but the corrupiton grew. As it grew the very souls of our pack mates became twisted. They began to ong for even greater power, cuasing them to slip even deeper into its malignant taint.

For a long time this corruption was either tolerated or misunderstood. Those who spoke out against it were silenced either by threat or by force. It was dongar himself who finally went too far. As part of a dark ritual he sacrificed the daughter of one of the Silvermane binding her spirit to his will.

Volsar continues, The council met in secret and it was determined that the Spiritragers had become too great a treath. The corruption had gone too deep and they were to be destroyed. The depth of Gulgreshs involvement was never known, even to his own pack. What is know is that at the final moment when the Spiritragers were beaten back to this very cave, he performed a great ritual. One which cleansed the spirits of his people and allowed them to die free of the malignant taint.

Some of these souls reamin bound here, damaged and unable to move on. Others such as the spirit of Dongar remain chained to this spot, doomed to haunt these caverns forever.