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Level: 53
Difficulty: 6
Race: Giant
Type: Overland raid mob
Location: He roams under the eastern part of the Thelasseen dungeon.
Chunk: Thelaseen

Known drops

Known abilities


  • Bone Crush: Deals massive melee damage to a single target.
    • Cast time: 2s
    • Recast: 35s
    • Begins: 50% HP
  • Adds
    • Cast time: Instant
    • Recast: 120s
    • Begins: 95% HP (low on casting order, can happen any time from 95% until he has finished his casting order)
  • Stun
    • Cast time: Instant
    • Recast: 60s
    • Begins:? (would need tanks for this really)
  • AoE
    • Cast time: .5s
    • Recast: 180s?
    • Begins: On aggro
  • Heal. Enchantment: Blessing of Krigus: Krigus's blesses Fengrot with a healing enchantment.
    • Cast time: .5s
    • Recast: ~ 60s
    • Begins: on aggro (seemed to stop post 40%)
    • (heal does an initial 2% heal to Fengrot + 1% for each enchantment left up per "cycle").
  • Greater Stance: Reeking Aura: Fengrot goes into a deep defensive stance. His mitigation is increased by 20%.
    • Cast Time: ?
    • Recast: ?
    • Begins: Around 20% life.

Spawn of Krigus (Adds)

Noxious Bile.png
  • Noxious Bile
    A greater poison dot that deals around 1800 damage and drains 2000 energy every 4 seconds.
    • Cast time: Instant
    • Recast: 10s?
    • Begins: On aggro
    • Duration: 35s


The tank has to be 100% on top of the stun for the 75%, 50%, and 25% marks.

The heal can be used to our advantage. If Fengrot is at, say, 51% and the raid is not ready (tank stunned, add pops, etc..) you can let ~2 of the enchantments stay on Fengrot to cycle and up his HP to prevent an accidental trigger of the mem wipe. This would be the RL's call w/ info from tanks if stunned.

The 2nd tank needs to leave Fengrot prior tot he 75%,50%, and 25% marks. This should help reduce the chance of both tanks getting stunned. When the call is made to "burn" and drop Fengrot to the next step, the RL annouce the 2nd tank to go in as the 2nd add is about to die. The raid awaits re-engage of 2nd tank and burn call from RL.

Fengrot is all about timing. Barring that, there is a low chance of failure from BC given the classes available in LAW for this fight.

Fengrot is a "lotto mob", in that everything can be done perfectly and the raid can still wipe. Alternatively, everything can go perfectly and he can go down on the first pull. It is just the way he goes.

If you are not tanking Fengrot, levitate needs to be off. If the tank dies, for whatever reason, Fengrot swapping aggro to a person with levitate can cause a Z-axis bug and reset him. This can be really bad if Fengrot is in the single digit %'s and he gets a lucky Bone Crush in.

Handling adds.. each location causes different issues with add spawns. Generally they spawn slightly behind him, on either side, and at full run speed. Bow range nerf makes this more difficult for Warriors to snap aggro on them. just be ready on either side, and realize they will rush the raid (generally the last person to have damaged Fengrot/ 2nd Fengrot's Hate list).

Faction details

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