Falgarholm Dungeon

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Falgarholm Exterior.gif
Falgarholm Interior.gif

This dungeon is located in Falgarholm and has a level range from 26-30.



  • A Monoliths of Torsheim 1-6
  • B Monoliths of Torsheim 7-11
  • C Alter of Torsheim


The named at Falgarholm are less obvious than other Zones. On the outside, anyone named " of Torsheim" is a mini named. I can only guess every type of mob could have a named.

  • a Protector of Torsheim
  • b Sentinal of Torsheim
  • c Champion of Torsheim


  • A To Temple of Torsheim
  • B To Keep or the Jarl
  • C To Training Hall of the Thrall



  • D Temple of Torsheim
  • E Sacrifical Chamber
  • F Keep of the Jarl
  • G Chamber of the Warchief
  • H Training Hall of the Thrall


  • d Norjik Allaryi
  • e Klaggan Krayshard
  • f Jarl Schjerverud
  • g Jarl Derragor 35x4


  • A Outside
  • B Outside
  • C Outside

Learned Abilities

  • Shaman
    Spear of the Ancestors I Eldir and Eldermin mobs lvl 32-33 4 dot located inside the building on the western wall. level 30 - SotA I is required before being able to use/learn II or III