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  • Halgar was the varanjar hero who rallied the varanjar and hurskovar giants together against orc warlord Karujin’s invasion of Thestra.
  • In his effort to recruit the lesser giants, Halgar had to challenge their king, Rotham, to a duel. Rotham had never lost a fight.
  • Halgar could not defeat Rotham, but even after blow after bone-shattering blow Halgar kept getting back up. Rotham was impressed with *Halgar’s refusal to submit. Rather than kill the tenacious varanjar hero, Rotham declared a draw and agreed to aid the varanjar against
  • Halgar was slain in the orc and goblin wars, but his spirit is said to sit at the table of Vothdar himself within the halls of glory.


  • Sartok is the Cartheon emperor, a lich of unimaginable power.
  • Sartok is said to grant immortality to those who serve him loyally, and annihilation to those who defy him.
  • Sartok overthrew the Cartheon senate shortly after the cataclysm. In the process, he transformed the entire continent into a land of the dead.
  • Sartok has sent the Cartheon legions to Thestra in search of a powerful magical artifact hidden somewhere on the continent. Sartok believed the artifact to be in Old Targonor, but with the fall of that city (and the artifact still unclaimed) it is anyone’s guess where the artifact lies now.
  • Sartok owes much of his awesome power to a magical orb of eldritch design which he keeps on his person at all times. Nobody knows what the sphere is, or where it came from, but its power is unquestionable, as is Sartok’s command over it.


  • The Cartheon sorcerer Seradon was a follower of the god Vaelion, and a scholar of the stars.
  • Seradon was a master of ice magic and a cunning strategist from the age before the cataclysm.
  • Seradon is remembered only because a handful of his spells have survived to this day.
  • Seradon’s Falling Star is rumored to have been a gift from Vaelion himself, a promise to the sorcerer that the stars themselves would answer Seradon’s call.
  • Seradon once dueled Typhon, the master of the four winds, to a standstill. It is said that Seradon could foresee Typhon’s moves before he made them. The two became lifelong friends that day and vowed to combine their power against the ever-present threat of evil.


  • Zheth is the half-breed son of Lodor, the mad king of Stiirhad.
  • Zheth’s mother is a high elf.
  • Zheth is responsible for the training of the drake riders of Thelaseen in Thestra.
  • Zheth has headed for Qalia upon receiving news of his father’s decent into madness.
  • Zheth’s blood is strong and he believes that the throne of Stiirhad is his for the taking. Whether the dark elf people will follow a half-breed is another matter entirely.