Fanx Caverns

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This dungeon is located in Martok and has a level range from 5-8.



The Legend of Grakkor
  • [6] The Legend of Grakkor
    Given By: Warseer Fezzik
    • Read the Stone of the Usurper
    • Read the Stone of the Massacre
    • Read the Stone of the Hero
    • Prove Your Knowledge (Awesome last question)
    (Spoiler: Answers to prove the knowledge:1.Harvester 2.Karujin 3.Grakkor 4.Thestran or Qaliathari )
    • [6] The Essence of Flame
      Given By: Warseer Fezzik
      • Kill 8 Razzenbaks
      • Kill 8 Krinax Slicks
      • Kill 5 Nest Tinders (Click the Nests)
      • Collect 6 Oil Glands
      • [6] The Hand That Feeds
        Given By: Warseer Fezzik (The eggs are in clickable branches off the 3 large stumps... carefull some bite!)
        • Collect 1 Small Wood Beast Egg
        • Collect 1 Medium Wood Beast Egg
        • Collect 1 Large Wood Beast Egg
        • [6] Heart of Flame
          Given By: Warseer Fezzik
          • Kill 10 Gulgrethors
          • Retrieve the Heart of Flame
          • [6] Not of Blood But of Spirit
            Given By: Warseer Fezzik
            • Defear the Spirit of Grakkor
            • Retrieve the Shard of Grakkor
            • [6] A Light so Bright
              Given By: Warseer Fezzik
              • Place the Marker onto the Alter of Flame
              • [6] Cleanse The Soul
                Given By: Warseer Fezzik
                • Talk to Warseer Kurbard at the Base of the mountain


Fanx Caverns is a solo dungeon for lvls 5-8. Its on of those places you bump into while your running along. Another one of the great low level places to explore that VG is good at showcaseing early. Its also the home to one of the fastest Npcs I've seen. No matter how fast you go Fezzik is always one step ahead of you.