Glade of the Lost

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Glade of the Lost.jpg

This dungeon is located in Ca'ial Brael and has a level range from 04-07.

This is a solo dungeon just outside of Ca'ial Brael and a likely stop for new Raki and Wood Elf characters. All of the quests for it are given at the Hall of Glyphs in Ca'ial Brael.


  • [1] Autumnglow Outpost
    Given by Elder Nootsu
    • Travel to Autumnglow Outpost
    • Reist zum Herbstglanz-Aussenposten
  • [4] The Ulvari Disruption
    Given by Elder Nootsu
    • Travel to the Shrine of Coalescence in the Glade of the Lost and assist Elder Nootsu.
  • [4] Hyaks Heirloom
    Given by Noble Hyak
    • Hyaks Family Heirloom
  • [4] The Missing Crystal
    Given by Elder Nootsu
    • Crystal of Coalescent Focus
  • [5] The Ritual of Coalescence
    Given by Elder Nootsu
    • Protect Elder Nootsu


The Glade of the Lost is the path by which the spirits of the dead of Kojan make their way from the world of the living to wherever spirits go when they are unable to respawn or use a resurrection altar. For some reason, the spirits have stopped passing through and are now hanging about making trouble. Elder Nootsu needs your assistance in helping the spirits resume their final journey.