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map of the dungeon - click here to maximize

Graystone is a dungeon located in Beranid Hills and has a level range from 39-44.

Known Encounters

Quest NPC Mobs Bosses
Spirit of Valor Winged Bloodletter a) Baron Builder Bigal
Spirit of Vengeance Horrorbone Construct b) Givan the Undying 40x5
Enslaved Smelter c) Bloodmaw the Unquenched 40x5
Charnal Ironwright d) Maggotus the Cruel 40x5
Graystone Torturer e) Walton the Ravenous 40x4
Graystone Ripper f) Slavemaster Horto 40x5
Greystone Champion g) Mochel the Hammersmith 40x5
h) Urdro the Large 40x5
Lord Morkan Elgosh (God Warrior) i) Nothen the Stitcher 40x5
j) High Pontiff Theoreth 40x5
k) Sicely Goldfairen 41x5
l) Princess Cailes Selene 41x5
m) Princess Merine Regern 41x5
n) Queen Nyla Targonor 41x5
o) Graystone Adjudicator Nochael / Graystone Champion Rugal Jittan 42x5
p) Graystone Adjudicator Odouer / Graystone Champion Chroth 42x5
q) Graystone Adjudicator Vinnith / Graystone Champion ? 42x5
r) Graystone Adjudicator Mulgan Vanjur'ai / Graystone Champion B'zalt 42x5
s) High Guardian Auroc'Yor 43x5
u) Houndmaster Jeave Renzo 40x4


marked blue on the map

  • A Spirit of Valor (Writ of the Fallen quest NPC), Spirit of Vengeance (Writ Quests)
  • B Spirit of Vengeance 1 (Questgiver)
  • C Spirit of Vengeance 2 (Questgiver)
  • D Spirit of Vengeance 3 (Questgiver)
  • E Spirit of Vengeance 4 (Questgiver)
  • F The Great Forge
  • G The Summoning Chamber

Known Quests

Learnable Abilities

Note: You have to be level 42 to gain this abilities. 
  • Bard:
    • Ability: Fox Overtakes the Hare II
    • Mobs: from Metalworkers in the Great Forge area
  • Dreadknight
    • Ability: Cull II
    • Mobs: from Risen Sycophant in the Great Forge area
  • Cleric
    • Ability: Hallow I
    • Mobs: along the way to the summoning area Greystone Advisors Chancellors
  • Shaman
    • Ability: Spear of the Ancestors II
    • Mobs: Graystone High Knights
  • Sorcerer
    • Ability: Amplify Destruction
    • Mobs: Banshees & Valkyre Ghosts, Blessing Two area
  • Rogue
    • Ability: Death Whirl I
    • Mobs: Spellbreaker