Gregoras the Watcher

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Gregoras the Watcher.png Name: Gregoras the Watcher
Difficulty: 5 dots
Location: The Crushing Burden of Shadow, in the main hall
Chunk: Misthaven Crossing
Gregoras' Location

Known drops

Known abilities

  • Broken Stone Form: Gregora's Stone body makes him nearly impervious to all damage: Rune 40%.
  • Shred: Your skin has been shredded making you vulnerable to a gargoyle rip. Slow: 25%.
  • Wrath of Stone: Every 30 seconds damage done increased by 50%.



The encounter consists of Gregoras and 5 gargoyles spread around the edges of the room. When the group engages Gregoras and the gargoyles will become aggro but will not move to the group.

Gregoras starts the fight with a 90% damage rune. Several times during the fight, Gregoras will randomly petrify a member of the group with a stun than lasts for 1 hour. When this happens, one of the gargoyles must be pulled and killed. When the gargoyle dies, it will explode, releasing any petrified players and decreasing Gregoras's rune by 10%. At approximately 50% health, Gregoras will enter his Wrath of Stone state and begin to ramp up his damage. Once in this state, Gregoras must be killed as soon as possible so it is advisable for classes with burst damage to save their big hits until this point.

If the group dps isn't high enough, it is possible to run out of gargoyles to release petrified players. If this happens, the remaining players need to try and kill Gregoras before he petrifies and/or kills the group.

Although it is not necessary in order to win the event, any remaining gargoyles should be killed after Gregoras is dead. Failure to do this can result in the group being combat locked.

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