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This article will describe the line of quests resulting in the acquisition of the Griffon flying mount.

Young Black Griffon.png

This line of quest is divided in 8 chapters, each one consisting of one or more quests.

Each quest will be represented by a numbered step.

Step 1: Griffons of a Feather: Chapter 1: Initiation

The griffon quest starts in Southwatch, North West of New Targonor. Slightly further North East of that is a cabin that you will reach by zig-zagging up the mountain for several levels (there's a sign pointing up the mountain from Southwatch that says Bordinar's Cleft). The cabin will be surrounded by griffons so you really can't miss it.

About 200 meters east of the cabin (i.e. turning around and going back the way you came for 200m) is a hill with a tree on it. Right next to the tree is Scout Pellillo Cogswin, the quest giver. He gives you an Image Modifier 9000 and tells you to grab Griffon Feather Samples from the baby griffons. His item turns you into a graphically amazing bush that will let you get close to the babies to steal their feathers. Beware, griffon Matriarchs do not like you in bush form, but the other griffons don't care. Matriarchs have a hell of a kick back and you will die in about 3 seconds. Invisibility and stealth don't work.

You need 5 feathers, patience is the key to get all 5 in a row. However, the easier way to do it is everytime you get a feather go to the bank (Southwatch is the closest) and drop it off then start again. The babies are on timers, if you start harvesting them it’s 10-15 minutes before you can reharvest from the same bird. If you get caught by mummy harvesting the baby you'll still have a timer for that baby on you. If you're running around as a bush not harvesting babies the matriarchs will still attack you and will remove a feather from your inventory. It’s a slow and steady win. Find a safe place, turn into a bush, harvest and then wait the 3 minutes till you turn back into your real shape then go off to another baby and do the same thing again. Finally be careful of people training matriarchs trying to get away, once they kill him/her they'll come back for you.

So you now have 5 feathers, go back to Scout Pellillo and he will send you to New Targonor.

Quest Rewards

Step 2: Reporting for Duty

After completing the last quest, you’re now tasked with reporting to New Targonor to find Captain Naziel Brockman.

For those who don't know the area it is not the harbour area. Go up the massive ramp through the halls and left at the flared winged griffon statues go straight through house shrike and remniol and you will reach a park quadrangle with all the noble houses surrounding it (crafting area). Take a right and then first right into House Vermach then take a left at the T junction just before you hit house Caberton, go left into what looks like a dead end. Left at the end and you'll see Captain Naziel Brockman.

Hint: As this is the first of many visits to New Targonor, it is helpful to have completed the Banisher crafting quests or the Executioner's diplomacy quests, as this will give you an item which will recall you to either the crafting square in New Targonor, or inside the Executioner's headquarter.

Step 3: Naziel's Request

The Captain wants you to collect three items :

When you have all three items, head back to Captain Naziel Brockman and he'll give you a parchment (a poem) in your inventory.

Step 4: Memories of the Old Blood

Read the last sentence when you move your mouse over the parchment and then talk to Naziel again, click on the line from the parchment, he'll teleport you into the hideout of the 1st Talon Ramier O'Shear. Talk to him and, after a history of the talons and how they work, you'll get the quest.

The goal is to prove 2nd Talon Cassius Bladesong you’re worth his trust by bringing him the rings froms 6 undead bosses from Old Targonor.

Step 5: Griffons of a Feather: Chapter 2: Investigation

This step will bring you all over Telon to gather griffon blood samples and, ultimately, defy an UMBRAL SYNDICATE AGENT, responsible for the death of griffon watch scouts.

Step 6: Griffons of a Feather: Chapter 3: Down and Dirty

The 3rd Talon Hassan Quim needs you to acquire a griffon harness (it can be bought or made), and registration papers for a griffon race (which can be bought, but also obtained by a diplomacy sub-quest).

Quest Objectives

Quest Rewards

  • Depending on the way you acquire the harness and the papers, you'll earn a different title:
  • Hustler for creating or having created both items.
  • Kingpin for creating one and buying one from the vendor (5pp for the harness, 3pp for the papers).
  • Highroller for buying both from the vendor (total 8pp).
  • 1 Silver 40 Copper Coins
  • one of the following bracers:

Step 6.1: My Kingdom for a Saddle

This Quest is optional, the reward can be bought directly to the 4th Talon Quartermaster for 5 platinum coins.

3rd Talon Hassan Quim wants you to create a Griffon Harness with pieces from all three crafts:

Recipes can be found on the Quartermaster, and the 3 stacks must be brought to Crafty Carla the Crafter in New Targonor. In exchange, she will give an Enchanted Saddle. The saddle must be returned to 3rd Talon Hassan Quim.

Step 6.2: Completely Crumbelievable

3rd Talon Hassan Quim wants you to gather informations on Jingles Crumbeard. He will send you to Investigator Reginald Snipe who will grant you a 2 hours buff that will allow you to parley with the people at a tavern Jingles frequents. The parleys will give you the papers needed:

Step 6.3: One Eye Jacked

Once you have the background and blackmail papers, bring them to Scribe Abagnale Upham. Upham will ask you to perform a task before giving you the Counterfeit Racing Papers.

She asks you to recover her monocle from Suraya Dalvand. You can find her in the Old Targonor Keep, inside the underground dungeon. Once you get the monocle, go back to Abagnale Upham and turn it in for the Counterfeit Racing Papers. Then go to Jingle Crumbeard to get them signed at Leth Nurae in the tavern.

Quest Objectives

Find Suraya Dalvand and retrieve Abagnale's Pristine Monocle.

Quest Rewards

Step 7: Griffons of a Feather: Chapter 4: Take me to the Races

This chapter will take you to the cliffs close to New Targonor, in order to participate to the griffons race. The goal is to confront SANO, the leader of the Umbral Syndicate.

Step 8: Griffons of a Feather: Chapter 5: Creepy Cadavers

Quest Text

I am glad to see you have returned to us in one piece. The information you retrieved from Sano is mind numbing and now we are ready to strike. My resources have found a location of the Umbral Syndicate's main headquarter and more importantly the place where this Chath person is. We need you to gather up some friends and meet one of our field agends named Ordon Thrulmur in front of the base. This is not going to be an easy mission so please be careful as we fear Chath may not be of this realm.

Quest Summary

Locate 5th Talon Ordon Thrulmur in the Heroes' Plain. Infiltrate the enemy base and kill CHATH.

Quest Objectives

  • Umbral Syndicate Facility Cleansed

Quest Rewards

  • one of the following weapons:

Step 9: Griffons of a Feather: Chapter 6: Summoning the Past

Quest Text

You must learn how to channel the magic that powers griffons. To do this you will have to defeat three griffon riders of old. This will not be easy but it must be done as it is the only thing that can hurt the creature created by this situation. The griffon riders can be summoned by offering something dear to them in place they were killed. One of the riders will reveal himself if you offer this on his grave, the others you will have to kill things in the area to find something they loved in life.

Quest Summary

Quest Objectives

Quest Rewards

  • one of the following helmets:

Step 10: Griffons of a Feather: Chapter 7: Colorful Eggspression

see also: Griffon Colors

Quest Text

"While your new found power may be great it does require a reagent in order to work. The wild griffon energy needs a place to go that does not disturb the balance of magic. Since this is griffon energy we need to put it back in a griffon"

"There is one way to accomplish this, channel the energy into a griffon egg. You must travel to one of the roosts you were at previously grab an egg then incubate it here. Remember that the egg color determines the color of the griffon that will be born from this. The color of the griffons on the roosts is what color the egg will hatch into. Each roost has a different color griffon."

Quest Summary

Find a griffon egg at one of the griffon roosts around Telon and incubate it by placing it in the small nest in the Griffin Watch camp. Give the incubated egg to Cassius when it is ready. Remember that the color of the griffons at the roosts is what the resulting griffon will look like.

Quest Objectives

Quest Rewards

Step 11: Griffons of a Feather: Chapter 8: Bag 'em and Tag 'em

After you have gathered at least 18 companions for a raid, you can talk to Scout Noriko Kutani who will teleport you inside the barrier and start a timed quest. You have 20min to defeat the MAGICBORN ABOMINATION.

Quest Text

This is it, all of the preparations have been made. You must hurry to Sorrow's Heart south of New Targonor and meet up with our agent Noriko. She has found a way to bypass the barrier surrounding what seems to be an Umbral Syndicate research camp. This is where the wild energy hit ground and took control of the half built body made for CHATH.

This fight will not be an easy one, so please gather 17 other adventurers and find our scout. If you are successful, bring the magic touched egg back to me.

Quest Summary

Speak with Scout Noriko in Sorrow's Heart once you have gathered 17 other adventurers. Teleport into the Umbral Syndicate camp and use your new griffon power to channel the wild magic into the partially hatched egg.

Quest Objectives

Quest Rewards