Griffons of a Feather (Step 5)

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Griffons of a Feather: Chapter 2: Investigation

This quest is obtained from 2nd Talon Cassius Bladesong as part of the Griffon Quest line, precisely the step 5.

Quest text

Your abilities as a fighter have been proven but how are you at subtlety?
We have discovered that the plague affecting griffons is man made. I sent scouts on reconnaissance missions to investigate and to get some samples.
They were directed to wait for the perpetrators of this heinous crime to appear. One got lucky but the message was partially destroyed stopping us from telling which scout sent it and what he saw. You must find out the fate of the scouts, get samples, and the lost information.


  • Corpses searched 0/10
  • Sensitive Information Recovered
  • Griffon Blood Sample 0/20
Retrieve 20 blood samples from the different roosts around Telon. Go to each of the last known scout locations, find out what happened to the scouts sent out to investigate, and retrieve any information on the people behind this plague.


  • Permanent buff of +3% accuracy and +30 to any incoming heals.
  • one of the following pauldrons:


There are 5 corpses in Thestra, you'll learn abilities from retrieving the corpses (Flame Buffet, Frost Lash, Blinding ray, Poison Burn, and Lightning Surge), they will be used later on.

A NPC called UMBRAL SYNDICATE AGENT will appear at a nest, after you have gained all five spell abilities. After some discussions, he will teach you how to use your spells, the method is to cast the same spell as he does in order to counter it. The recognition is visual so effects must be on.

Hint: Any casting refresh buffs available must be used in this combat, in order to maximize chances of victory (Psi buffs and carvings for examples). 
      There is a very high chance that he will cast the spells in a particular order:
      Flame, Blind, Poison, Frost, Lightning, Blind, Frost, Flame, Frost, Lightning, Poison, Blind

Visual effects are as following :

Flame Buffet: fire is surrounding him
Poison Burn: green bubbles are surrounding him
Blinding Ray: he bends down
Lightning Surge: looks like electricity in his hands
Frost Lash: looks like ice shards forming.

The mission doesn't end with his death, you still need to collect the rest of the bloods and you've also lost the spells.