Gulgrethor Fortress

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Gulgrethor Fortress.gif

This dungeon is located in the Sundering Wastelands and has a level range from 12-15.


  • Contasek
  • Commander of Carnage 16x4 (Orc, Random Spawn)
  • Deathlord Vilonis
  • Miasek
  • Occultist of Discord
  • Rampage 18x4 (Ogre, Random Spawn)
  • Razmasek
  • Soul Seeker 18x4 (Coil Reaper, Random Spawn)
  • Vivisek
  • Witch of Bedlam 16x4 (Wizzard, Random Spawn)


  • 1. Missing Agents (Quest Givers)
  • 2. Vivisek
    • Harbinger of Vivisek
  • 3. Miasek
    • Harbinger of Miasek
  • 4. Razmasek
    • Harbinger of Razmasek
  • 5. Contasek
    • Harbinger of Contasek
  • 6. Deathlord Vilonis
    • Harbinger of Vilonis

Quest Giver

  • Itelik (Goblin Recruiter)
  • Agent Jargo
  • Agent Nuraga
  • Agent Zyrax



  • [12] Missing Agents (Group)
    Given By: General Zowt (Martok City Upstairs in the main building)
    • Find the Missing Martok Agents in the Gulgrethor Fortress.
  • [18] Deathlord Vilonis
    Given By: General Zewg (Gwarn's Boundry) (It took 5 or 6 clears to get the Deathlord to Pop. I would be ready to grind between kills, its a bit of a time sink.)
    • Bring Back the Arm of Vilonis

Gulgrethor Fortress

  • [14] Vengeance Will Be Yours (Group)
    Given By: Agent Jargo
    • Collect 13 Trophy Hearts
    • [16] The Headless Haralds (Group)
      Given By: Agent Jargo
      • Bring back the head of Contasek's Harbinger
      • Bring back the head of Miasek's Harbinger
      • Bring back the head of Razmasek's Harbinger
      • Bring back the head of Vivisek's Harbinger
  • [15] Remnants of the Soulless (Group)
    Given By: Agent Nuraga
    • Collect 6 Cursed Soul Shards
    • [15] Knowledge From The Grave (Group)
      Given By: Agent Nuraga
      • Speak to the Fragemented Soul
      • [16] Strong is Weak (Group)
        Given By: Agent Nuraga
        • Weaken Contasek's Orb
        • Weaken Miasek's Orb
        • Weaken Razmasek's Orb
        • Weaken Vivisek's Orb
        • [17] The Tower Of Power (Group)
          Given By: Agent Nuraga
          • Destroy the Orb of Command
  • [15] Objects of Unknown Power (Group)
    Given By: Agent Zyrax
    • Collect 6 Raised Okami Organs
    • Collect 3 Torgazu Symbols
    • [15] Got My Eye On Something (Group)
      Given By: Agent Zyrax
      • Collect 1 Reapers eye


The primary fortress of the Gulgrethor Clan of Orcs. The Gulgrethor are in a continual state of war with the Martok Orcs for control of northern Kojan. The Martok want to strike a decisive blow and tip the balance of power to finally win the war. The Gulgrethor have a similar idea but their plan is much, much darker...