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Chunk Halgarad.png Chunk: Halgarad
Continent: Thestra
North Chunk: Frostshard Lake
West Chunk: Vault of Heroes
South Chunk: Dahknarg
East Chunk: Southern Stonepine Ridge
Closest Riftway: Wardship of the Sleeping Moon
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The rustic village of Halgarad is as rugged and timeless as the barbarian and lesser giant tribes that now call it home. Weaving up the solid granite outcroppings in the Highlands, the village of Halgarad spirals up the mountain in tiers that denote social status and standing within the tribes. The dwellings are a mix of solid stone buildings assembled block by block from stones brought down from the quarries near Falgarholm, to the more elegant long houses built from wood, ivory, and tough hides.

When the dust had finally settled after the Bloodhowler's deception at the Vault of Heroes, the barbarians of Halgarad agreed to harbour the exiled lesser giant families, lest the Broken Fang gnoll clan pick them off one by one in the wilderness. The lesser giants have since remained loyal to the barbarian tribes and help defend the village as a way to express their gratitude and satisfy their sense of duty. With the alliance between the barbarians and lesser giants as it stands, Halgarad is the most defensible village on the entire continent; keeping the inhabitants safe from the forces lurking in the mountains.

Being the original inhabitants to the region, the gnolls have been at odds with the invaders from the west since they first appeared on the mountainside centuries ago. Unable to coexist peacefully, the skirmishes between the barbarian and gnoll clans remain a common affair; that is until recently. The Broken Fang clan has usurped the power of the elder council and has placed a moratorium on the random attacks along the local trade routes and hunting grounds. Thick dark smoke has been seen rising up near the ancient burial ground and abandoned armoury of the giants to the west. In fact, the Jarl himself sitting in his regal longhouse atop Halgarad believes he was visited by the spirit of Halgar, claiming the ancient furnaces have been lit. Although he admits, it could have just been a dream.

Quest NPC Vendor Boss