Hathor Zhi

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Hathor Zhi entrance to the underground premices.

Hathor Zhi is the city of the Dark Elves, in Qalia. It's also the name of the chunk in which it sits, and of the riftway shard by which you can access to city.

Chunk Hathor Zhi.png Chunk: Hathor Zhi
Continent: Qalia
North Chunk: Lomshir
West Chunk: Pankor Zhi
South Chunk: Coterie Infineum Sanctuary
East Chunk: The Temple of Dailuk
Closest Riftway: Hathor Zhi
Detailed Graphic: click here


Forced from their solitude within the great mountain of Stiirhad, the dark elves have built a new city in the canyons of the Qarath Desert. Cut into the petrified sandstone, the elves have built a convincing replica of their ancient city they fled so many years ago. A spiralling entryway opens into a centre courtyard with passages that lead to the various guild halls. Hathor Zhi houses the dark elves that have splintered off from the main fortress of Pankor Zhi at the other end of the canyon.

Pankor Zhi is a site to behold. Vast open hallways and bridges penetrate the canyon walls connected by a series of residential buildings. The arcane hall is set high on the cliffs and the war room in the centre is always filled with legionnaires fighting over the army's next move. High on the plateau lives the Queen inside her heavily fortified bunker. While nobody has seen her in eons, she is said to be resting well, protected by the great wyrms that were taken when the elves fled Stiirhad.

The Zhi dark elves have splintered into several factions that players will encounter on their journey. Allegiances shift like the sand beneath your feet and whether you are Hathor, Pankor, or Aekor, be prepared to trust no one.


Known NPCs

Quest NPC Vendor Boss