Hive of Zihurr

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Hive of Zihurr.jpg

This dungeon is located in Renton Keep and has a level range from 20-25.


  1. Zihurr Gatherers
  2. Zihurr Larvas, Handmaidens and eggs
  3. Insane Halfling, Enslaved Workers, Zihurr Enslavers, Zihurr Menders
  4. Zihurr Warriors and Menders
  5. Zihurr Seeders, Kineticists, Soldiers
  6. Zihurr Mindhunter
  7. Zihurr Guardians
  8. Crystalline Servitors
  9. Prince Kzyzyx
  10. Crystalline Guardians, Royal Guardians, Phrenic Attendants
  11. Royal Guardian Xylys 24x5
  12. QUEEN AYXLXYX 26x5
  13. Zihurr Guardians, Psions
  14. Crystalline Ooze, Zihurr Psions, Primordial Servant
  15. Zihurr Gladiator
  16. Zihurr Soldiers, Guardians, Psions
  17. Zihurr Soldiers, Shapers
  18. Zihurr Soldiers
  19. Crazed Zihurr Ambushers
  20. Zihurr Seeders