Hunter's League

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Hunter's League

So you want to join the Hunter's League? Well, you have come to the right place, we will explain how to become a part of the illustrious league and get its many benefits (titles and legendary gear). Also note that having the quest in your log is not needed to start collecting these items, but a mob only has a chance of dropping one item per group. Every class can get a reward out of doing these quests.


Hunters League map.jpg
  • Starting Continent: Qalia
  • Difficulty Rating: Range from Duo to Group
  • Starting Quest NPC: Neneler Jabifa
  • Starting Required Level: 15
  • Nearest Riftway: Skrilien Point

Neneler Jabifa

Hunter's League Shoulders

Quest: Moving on Up

Yes, I know there are other Hunter's League quests before this one, but they are frankly not worth doing unless you started out on qualia and have done them already. So for all intent and purposes, this is the quest everybody will need to start out doing if they want to go far in the Hunter's League. And who is the person which will so kindly invite you to help out the Hunter's League? None other than Neneler Jabifa, who stands just beside the Skrilien Point riftway just waiting for willing adventurers to do the League's bidding. He offers you a simple quest involving collecting 10 Living Flames and 20 Vials of Corruption.

Luckily both items drops from mobs close to the outpost. Living Flames drop from Lesser Flames, which are level 17 - 18 3 dot mobs and are littered around Lizard Men. The Vial of Corruptions drop from the Coven mobs, which are level 17 - 18 3dot, located outside of Kelendra's Coven. Both mobs should be marked on your map. After collecting the 10 Living Flames and the 20 Vials of Corruption, make your way back to Neneler Jabifa to receive your shoulderpads.

Hunter's League Arms

Quest: Rising in Rank

So you have now become a member of the Hunter's League, but if you are unsatified with just being a member, Neneler Jabifa will allow you to prove your worth. He sees a great bounty in the future for you, but as a loyal member you must earn your rewards by doing your basic deeds. The League requires all members to give a donation of 10 Dracosnap Bones and 15 Skrilien Hides, which will be both marked on your map.

The Dracosnap bones drop off, none other than Dracosnaps which are level 17 2dot mobs. These are located to the north in 2 different locations, both by the shore. Skrilien Hides, drop off of the Skrilien Lizardmen in an outpost to the north, across the lake. Each skrilien has a chance of dropping a hide, and they are all level 17-18 2dot mobs. Both of these locations are marked on your map. I found an abundance of Skriliens, but the Dracosnaps seem to be sparse. Tip: They also spawn in the water if you so dare the challenge of underwater battles.

Bring all the items back to Neneler Jabifa and receive your standard issue Hunter's League uniform for your arm slot. You have also now been granted the title of Apprentice of the Hunter's League, wear it proudly above your head for everyone to see.

Hunter's League Helmet

Quest: No Rest for the Weary

The Hunter's League is pleased with your progress, even Neneler Jabifa seems to be taking a liking to you. Unfortunately an apprentice cannot be issued a bounty, therefore you are issued another mission to return 10 Cyclops Eyes and 10 Zombie Flesh.

Now first with the Cyclops Eyes. A mark is put onto your map of an island to the east where you will find lots of Cyclops that are level 22-25 4 dots. If you have a large group, killing here might be worth it for the xp. If you don't have a full group, and can't seem to kill these Cyclops, an easier way to do this step would be to go west to the Greying Cyclopses, which are marked on my map (Location Map, link above). These Cyclopses are only level 20 3dot mobs and do drop the Cyclops eyes that you need.

Next you will need to go get your 10 Zombie Flesh. These are located inside of the dungeon Kalendra's Coven, which will be marked on your map titled Zombie Flesh. The mobs that drop the Patch of Zombie Flesh are called Failed Experiments, and are level 17-20 4dot mobs. The Hall of Dissection (which is number 6 on the map) is where all the Failed Experiments are located in the dungeon.

Take your 10 Cyclops Eyes, and 10 Zombie Flesh, and return them to Neneler Jabifa (which of course is located next to the Skrilien Point riftway) and he will reward you with your very own Hunter's League helm, as well as promote you to a full fledged member of the Hunter's League (with a title to go with it). He then tells you that if you want to progress futher in the organization, you must head to Skawlra Rock, which is located on an island to the far north of your position.

Roskva Dobaja

Hunter's League Legs

Quest: The Time Has Come

Skawlra Rock is where you will find this quest, given by a man named Roskva Dobaja. He will only give you the quest if you are a full member of the Hunter's League. To become a member, you must complete the shoulders, arms, and helm quests that come before this one, all given out by Neneler Jabifar (located next to the Skrilien Point riftway). Now if you are a full member of the Hunter's League, then Roskva Dobaja will give you the quest.

He is glad to see some fresh blood in the League, and deems you ready to continue your journey within the organization. He tells you that your bounty is on this island, but before he can trust you with the task of killing your bounty, he needs you to prove that you are strong enough to tackle such a daunting task. 20 Lizardman Bones and 20 Fairy Wings are what it will take to convince him that you are skilled enough.

Lizardman Bones are found off of the Gauthek Lizardmen on the island (Should be marked on your map). Check our Location Map if you are a little confused. Every Lizardman has a chance of dropping the bone that you need, and they are all around the 20th level, and are all 3dot mobs. They reside in small amounts up on the mountain on the outside, with the most dense of them being on the west side of the mountain.

Fairy Wings are found inside the cave, the entrance being marked on your map. You will know that you have found the cave by the 4dot Lizardmen standing outside of it. Don't be scarred off by the 2 lizardmen standing outside the cave, inside there are only fairies, and all of them are level 21-22 3dot mobs, and each fairy starts with the name of Atoll. Note: Everytime you kill an Atoll Propagator, it will spawn 2 Atoll Winglings, which are level 20 2dot mobs. The Atoll Winglings also drop the fairy wings you need.

After you have collected all 20 of each item, head back to Roskva Dobaja in the Skawlra Camp and accept your Hunter's League Legs as a reward for your deeds.

Hunter's League Breast Plate

Quest: The Final Test

Roskva Dobaja, located in Skawlra Camp, has noticed that you are at the pinnacle of your prowess as a master hunter. In fact he is almost ready to give you your bounty, which lies within the mountain. First, though, he would like you to prove to him that you have what it takes to kill the mobs that are within the great rock. He would like you to bring back 20 Dracosnap Shells, and while you are there, throw in 20 Sapper Wings.

Firstly, there are two ways to enter the great rock. The first way would be to invis yourself through the Fairy Cave that you went into to get the fairy wings. This cave will lead you inside the mountain. Now if you do not have invis, and do not want to kill your way through the cave, you can also enter the mountain through the south passage, which is obviously located in the south of the moutain. If you choose to go this way, you will have to swim your way in. Once you are in, it is time to tackle these mobs.

Dracosnap Shells are dropped off of the Voracious Dracosnaps, which are located underneath the water, inside the mountain. A buff which will allow you to breath underwater would be a big help here, as the dracosnaps are level 22-23 4dot mobs. Getting 20 for each member of your group may take a while, as like all other drops for the Hunter's League quests, you only have a chance of one dropping per mob, and each mob will only drop a shell around 40% of the time.

The Sapper Wings may prove a bit easier, as it doesn't involve an underwater adventure. They drop off of Shoreline Sappers, which spawn on the shore, inside the mountain as well. If you have somebody in your group that can pull one at a time, these will prove to be little challenge. If you don't, you may be in for a long fight, as you can pull 2-4 at a time.

Once you have completed this final task, head back to Roskva Dobaja for your reward of your very own Hunter's League Breast Plate.

Hunter's League Weapon

Hunter's League Bounty: Velthezok Skawlra

In order to receive this Bounty quest from Roskva Dobaja, who is located in Skawlra Camp, you must have completed these other quests in this order: Shoulders, Arms, Helm, Legs, Breast Plate. After you have completed the Breast Plate quest, Roskva Dobaja will finally offer you your very own bounty named Velthezok Skawlra.

Velthezok Shawlra is located within the big mountainous rock that you had to run into the complete the Breast Plate quest, but this time you will need to climb the wooden ramps. You will only need to climb about half-way up these ramps until you reach a big cave, which its entrance is shaped like a big head, or mask. On your way up you will see an assortment of 4dot mobs ranging in the low to mid 20s, most of them will be skawlra birds, but you will also see mosquitos as well.

Once you reach the Big Head, you can enter through the mouth, and you will instantly see a bunch of skawlra's that are all a part of the Council. These mobs can only be found inside of this head cave, and are all level 26 5dot, but to your dismay you will not find Velthezok Skawlra waiting for you. In fact in order to make him appear you will need to summon him to the council chambers (which is the big head cave).

Now, in order to summon Velthezok Shawlra you will need to collect three colored masks that drop off of the mobs that are located inside of the big head cave. Inside the cave there will be 3 different colors of mobs, which are Red, Yellow, Blue. Each mob has a chance to drop their corresponding mask. The masks will be called: Blue Wing Tribal Mask, Red Wing Tribal Mask, and Yellow Wing Tribal Mask. Only one person in your group will need to collect the masks.

Make sure that you clear the inside of the big head cave before you do this next step. You will notice a Skawlra that does not attack, perched on top of a piller, just outside of the cave. Get the person with all the masks, to walk out to this Skawlra (and possibly right click him). Immediately after, Velthezok Skawlra will spawn on the bottom level of the cave, in the center back location. He is a level 26 5dot mob and will be a little tough to beat. After he is dead, loot Velthezok's head. If you are in a group, it is unclear whether he drops more than one head. There have been reports that he only drops one head at a time, and that you will need to summon him multiple times. When we did it, there was 2 of us in the group, and Velthezok dropped 3 heads, giving us an extra one. This seemed like a bug, and may be fixed in the future. So our recommendation will be to be in the mindset that you may have to fight him more than once for your entire group to get his head.

After you have your bounties head, go back to Roskva Dobaja to receive your reward, the ultimate Hunter's League Weapon. You will also become an Officer of the Hunter's League, giving you a new title you can show off. Congradulations, your Hunter's League journey is now complete!


This guide was originally posted from Faeran, Gathilas & Manzanillo on VGWalkthroughs