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I-99 SHIVER.png Name: I-99 SHIVER
Level: 53
Difficulty: 6 dots
Race: Construct
Location: Vault Wing (APW)
Chunk: Ancient Port Warehouse
Shiver fight.jpg

Known drops

Known abilities

  • Rune of Cold:Cold Rune: 50%. Rooted.
  • Shattering Strike: Mitigation: -20%.
  • Freezing Rain: Frozen.


The Pyrelings surrounding Shiver

First thing to know about this fight:

No cold. No cold. No cold. No DOTs. No DOTs. No DOTs. Got that ?? Good let's move on.

There are 5 mobs in the Shiver fight. Shiver and his pyrelings. Think of Shiver and friends in a square with the Pyrelings being at the corners and Shiver in the middle. The raid will need to mezmerize 3 of the Pyrelings, offtank one and have the Main tank on Shiver. Position three mezzers (preferably PSI's) next to each of the three Pyrelings you need to Mez, the offtank ready to pick up the fourth. Raid leader counts down 3,2, 1 GO. On "1", the mezzers start their mezz. On go, the offtank and main tank pull their respective targets.

Postioning Shiver: the main tank needs to position Shiver so that he is against a pillar, on the inside of the circle. The offtank picks up the add and pulls him to the other side of the pillar where Shiver is being tanked. He should position himself out of LOS(Line of Sight) from Shiver while the pyreling must be in LOS from the main tank. The raid damages Shiver (NO COLD, did I say that before ?) until it is at 84-85%.

At this point, the raid must switch target to the offtank's Pyreling. Damage it down to 40-45% (No DOTs), then return to Shiver until he is at 81%. At this point, the entire raid needs to hide. Usually behind the pillar Shiver is being tanked at, the point being to break the LOS from Shiver. The reason for hiding is that Shiver casts an AE that damages and will also freeze (for 10 minutes) anyone caught in it. Of course the main tank will be frozen. The healers need to keep him alive while frozen, an external invulnerability obviously helps a lot, shaman's Panacea is good for this as well. Healers can keep visual contact with the MT while hiding from Shiver. The Pyreling needs to be killed quickly, because when it dies it will release all frozen targets that are in LOS and within range.

Once the Pyreling is dead and the main tank unfrozen, the raid goes back to DPSing Shiver until 64-65%. The offtank will go get a second Pyreling and pull him to the same position as the first. The abled classes must feed hate to the offtank to help the transition.

From now on, the cycle is repeated at 64%, 44% and 24%.

Another option after the main tank is frozen is to have a tertiary tank taunt/save him by stealing aggro until he is unfrozen, but that means aggro control on the two tanks during the entire fight.

This fight is really about being coordinated.

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