Infineum Mines

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Infineum Mines 1.gif

This outdoor dungeon is located in the Coterie Infineum Sanctuary and has a level range from 22-25.

This map is rotated to north.

The infineum weapon questline is a huge chain starting at lvl 19 for the first part. A must if you want a shot at a red weapon as low as lvl 25.

Quest giver Scholar Donovan at Donovans Roost starts the chain. You need to be level 19 to start this quest series.


  • 1 Warden Ponder
  • 2 Runaway Xackari (Slave)
  • 3 Capt. Fubared
  • 4 Library - Book of Purification
  • 5 Recruiter Sedymor
  • 6 Recruiter Trevorak
  • 7 Mineralogist Acadd
  • 8 Infineum Weaponsmith
  • 9 Tahir Jahani
  • 0 Skereca