Infineum Sanctuary

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The entrance is west, so you have to rotate this map by 90° clockwise.

This dungeon is located in Coterie Infineum Sanctuary and has a level range from 25-30.

Inside this dungeon the mobs will drop random armor parts and gems, which can be turned in at the Shidreth Mining Company west of the entrance.



  • After the infineum weapon questline, there are some last few steps to complete in this dungeons to get some nice armor and an orange item as quest reward:
    • Farm Armor
    • Farm Gems
    • Farm Key
    • Combine Armor and Gem (doesn't have to be something you can wear and you can buy this on the broker or have someone hand you a bindable piece to complete this bit).
    • Talk to the Ageless One
    • Kill the Four named and talk to he Ageless One again who gives you some nice orange item.
    • Levi your tank and kill Kronus.