Infineum weapon questline

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Infineum Weapon

The infineum weapons quest is a chain of quests from Scholar Donovan at Donovans Roost Camp to get a red weapon at the end.



Quick Walkthrough

  • Scholar Donovan (loc: Donovan's Roost, Coterie Infineum Sanctuary)
    • Strange Things Are Afoot (level: 19)
    • Infineum Warder Pondar (loc: roams Northern Infineum Mines)
    • Avoiding the Whip
    • Runaway Xackaria (loc: hiding near entrance to mines)
    • Help the Runaway
    • Collect Samples of Ore for Donovan
  • Infineum Immunity
    • Book of Purification (loc: building in Infineum Refinery)
    • The Purification Ritual
    • Recruit Seydmor
    • Vengeance
    • Immunity Potion
  • Mineralogist Acadd (loc: The Infineum Plateaus)
    • Golem Power Sources
    • Robes of the Cultists
    • Infineum Weapons (must have completed the previous two)
    • Head Smith Dudlek (loc: Infineum Warforge, The Infineum Plateaus
    • The Art of Forging Infineum (level: 21)
  • Using the Weapon (level: 25)
  • The Summoning (level: 25)
  • Society Writ of Membership
  • Smith Of'barba (loc: Shidreth Trading Company, Coterie Infineum Sanctuary)
  • Rewrought Infineum Armor
  • Forged Infineum Armor
  • The Ageless One
  • The Ageless One
  • The Ternion and Focus (level: 26)
  • Kronus Infineum (level 28)

Step by step walkthrough

Map of the Infineum Mines

The Cape

  • [23] Strange Things Are Afoot (Group)
    Given By: Scholor Donovan (Must be lvl19 and hail Donovan to start the quest.)
    Discover the truth behind Infineum

To complete this quest you'll first head into the Infineum fields to find a wanderer named Warden Pondar. Hail him to get the next update in the quest.

  1. [23] Avoiding the Whip
    Given by NPC: Warden Pondar
    Warden Pondar sends you out to find a runaway slave that will help you. The Slave is hidden behind a crystal outcropping near the entrance to the fields. Best way to find him is to hug the right wall as you enter the fields from the roost.
  2. [23] Help the Runaway
    Given by NPC: Runaway Xackaria
    Xackaria needs you to kill Captain Fubared for the key to unlock the slaves girdle.
    • Ok so the Capt fight has been revamped atleast five times by now if you are reading this and trying for the cape as a first. Capt Fubared calls for adds every 20%. Top aggro of course gets pounded on first and healers when this happens watch your aggro because the adds may come straight for you. All though they are part of a script, they will change direction if a big heal lands before the engage the person or pet tanking the Captain. Take the key back to Xackaria who will then update your quest.
  3. [23] Collect Samples of Ore for Donovan
    Given by NPC: Runaway Xackaria
    Obtain an Infinum Ore Pickaxe
    Collect 5 Infinium Ores
    • You'll need to find Thralls in the area and kill them for there pick axes. Once you get an axe you'll need to harvest 5 rock nodes. After you get your last node return to Donovan and Grats on your cloak.
    • My strat: get your pickaxe first. Especially if you want this done fast. Nothing worse than killing the Capt and having to wait on Thrall repops or for someone else to finish camping them to get yours. Burn the Capt down quickly, everyone loot their keys and evac.

The Ring

If you are level 21+ you can talk to Donavin again and get another quest and the reward is a ring.

  1. Infineum Immunity
    Head to location 4 on the map. Clear this building and at the wall opposite door on a table, a book spawns that is rightclickable. It will send you to dissrupt a summoning event or something like that.
  2. Step 2
    You have to go to another house just north along the wall from the first one (location 5). You just have to fight into that house and clear it, and talk to the ghost npc Sedymor. This will finish the side-quest and after alot of talk you get a second sidequest where you have to kill Recruiter Trevorak.
    As of recently you don't even need to kill in there, just hail the guy and you get the next quest. (not confirmed)
  3. Step 3:
    Recruiter Trevorak is northwest/west along the wall from Sedymor (Location 6). Recruiter is surrounded by four regular caster mobs and you will probably be best to kill those before hailing the Recruiter in order to attack him. So after you killed those four send someone with the quest up to the Recruiter to hail and begin the fight. As soon as the Recruiter becomes attackable, four skeletons will pop and swarm the first person on the Recruiter's aggro list.
    Loot the book and evac - no need to kill the skeleton adds.

The Earring

After the ring quest you can talk to the gnome Donovan again and get "Immunity Potion", the reward is now an earring.

  • You just need to farm stuff from the normal mobs in "Northen Infineum Mine":
    • 10 x "Shard of Infineum" from "Rolling Infineum Shards"-mob or "Animated Infineum Shards"-mob
    • 2 x "Chunk of Animated Infineum" from "Animated Infineum Chunk"-mob
    • 1 x "Sample of Boiling Infineum Ooze" from "Boiling Infineum Ooze" (just south of the first area)
    • 5 x "Fragment of Infineum" from "Animated Infineum Fragment" (southeast of the first area)
  • You turn this stuff into Donovan and he gives you a potion. What you need to do now is head to the Infineum Plateau and go to the robot looking dude Acadd. Drink the potion and your next two quests pop up.

The Infineum Weapons

  1. Mineralogist Acadd (Location 7) will have two quests to do.
    • One is to collect robes.
    • The other is to kill the golems.
    • Do both of these and return to Acadd. He will then give you the next quest.
  2. The next part is to actually fashion an infineum weapon.
    Note: This part minimum takes 1g60 OR you can have someone nice in your guild give you one they used, which will bypass this part and automatically complete it.
    • Anyway you need to wear the robe (makes you neutral to the dudes near the weaponsmith).
    • Hail the weaponsmith and follow his prompts. Hail some other guy and buy his stuff and he'll make an Infineum weapon for you.
    • Hail the weaponsmith again and you are done. Now head back to Acadd.
  3. Acadd now wants you to learn how to use the weapon and then he'll give you a gem.
    • You need to be level 25 for this part.
    • This is a scripted event in The Infineum Plateaus. You need to go to the platforms (big sundial looking thing) and hail Tahir Jahani. You will not only have to fight the named at first but he calls three of his buddies to help. Kill his buddies first then him (as it used to be budgged if you killed the named first and then the buddies).
    • When you get close to killing the named the first time you he will despawn and repop at the four gazebos near the platform where you fought him at the first time. Kill the stuff around him and then the named.
    • Finally you will have killed 4/5 versions of him then you get to kill him for real. That's your flag and even if you are 23/24 when you do this, it is a flag so you won't have to do it again.
    • Head back to Acadd when you get the flag.
  4. Acadd hands you the gem. Right click it to imbue your infineum weapon. Congratulations! Hail Acadd again and he wants you to kill Skereca.
  5. Skereca is West of the weaponsmith guy in a little valley inside in the Infineum Plateau. Fight isn't that rough - it's a neat scripted event so I don't want to ruin it. Just be prepared to fight something eventually.
    • Kill Skereca after the event and then head back to Acadd who will flag you to go to the Shidreth Mining Camp.

to be continued...

Now that you have your weapon you might want to continue at the Shidreth Mining Company. There is a NPC (forgot his name) who starts a quest at the Infineum Sanctuary at which end you will be able to get some red armor pieces and an orange quest reward.