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Ancient Port Warehouse
Chunk Innovus.jpg Chunk: Innovus
Continent: Thestra
North Chunk: Swamps of Rumug
West Chunk: Traboh Island
South Chunk: Seas of Mist
East Chunk: Seas of Mist
Closest Riftway: Ruin Falls
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Nestled beneath the Port of Innovus, the Ancient Port Warehouse of Thestra is a marvel of engineering and ancient crystal technology. A brilliant gnome inventor, Professor Hopton, designed and built the Warehouse for the Cartheon Empire over a thousand years ago. The warehouse was thought destroyed in the cataclysm, and its vast sum of treasures lost.

With the arrival of the undead Cartheon legions on Thestran soil, the warehouse has been rediscovered. The Cartheon senator, Demetrius, seeks a relic of unimaginable power he knows to be hidden within: The Argent Coil. Should this powerful relic fall into Cartheon hands, it is only a matter of time before the kingdoms of Thestra are crushed. Only a band of worthy heroes can hope to stop Demetrius before it is too late. The Cartheons, however, are not the only dangers lurking within.

The warehouse itself is protected by an army of colossal metal guardians gone haywire. Adventurers will also need to contend with the sinister Professor Vercel and his Metalheads, gnome warriors equipped with the latest crystal powered armor suits. Fortunately, some respite can be found with the benevolent Children of Hopton, who stand opposed to Vercel and are engaged with him in a bloody civil war.

If the heroes are to win the race for The Argent Coil then they will have to ally with the Children of Hopton and stand against Professor Vercel and Senator Demetrius. Only then can they repair the warehouse's core processor and acquire Professor Hopton's lost treasure - The only known protection against the breath of the mighty dragon, Kotasoth.

Kotasoth, the present keeper of The Argent Coil, is a plague ridden and malevolent beast that has grown powerful through centuries of sleep, and feasting on those foolish enough to tread into the lowest depths of the warehouse. It is only through Kotasoth's defeat that the The Argent Coil can be recovered and its threat to the free races of Telon eliminated.

Known NPCs

Quest NPC Vendor Boss