Isle of Dawn

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Chunk Isle of Dawn.png

This small Island is part of the world of Telon.

Adventurers can start their journey here, to become great heroes, crafters, or diplomats.

When they reach level 10, they have to leave the isle via riftway, to continue their journey either at Veskal's Exchange, Qa Riverbank, or The Tomb of Lord Tsang.


The Isle of Dawn was separated from the continent of Kojan during the cataclysm. A village of battle hardened humans and a band of zealot hobgoblins have warred against each other for centuries on the Isle. Their mutual hatred for one another runs deep and even now they are locked in an ongoing struggle. Recently though, increasing numbers of ulvari have begun to surface on the island - much to the dismay of both the humans and the hobgoblins.

Weakened by their perpetual war, the humans aren't able to capably defend themselves. Even now, their villages burn as they frantically seek aid. The isle is in desperate need of heroes.

Thank you for answering our call for aid, and welcome to the Isle of Dawn. Please enjoy your stay with us, but don't feed the bears and remember that speed is checked by radar.