Jale the Ulvari

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Jale the Ulvari.png Name: Jale the Ulvari
Level: 56
Difficulty: 6 dots
Race: Ulvari
Type: Caster
Location: Elemental circle, any section of the Magi Hold Dungeon
Chunk: Magi Hold

Known abilities

  • Autoattack: melee damage (average 6300 dmg/hit).
  • Ulvari Energy: average 7500 dmg/hit.
  • Lightning Charge: average 8500 dmg/hit.
  • Jale's Manablade: average 2900 dmg/hit.
  • Icefall Strike: average 6500 dmg/hit.
  • Ulvari Energy Shield: Heals self (average 100HP/hit). Armor Class: +100. Mental Resistance: +250.
  • Ulvari Strike: average 8500 dmg/hit.
  • Negative Energy: average 7600 dmg/hit.
  • Inferno Raze: average 10.000 dmg/hit.
  • Imperial Guards use abilities that damage gear.


Jale's Imperial Guards.png

Imperial guards are helping him, they can be with him before the fight, and/or appear during the fight. Later on, allies will appear as well as other ennemies, like Head researcher Xo.

Counterspelling is vital while fighting Jale, his spells doing a lot of damage.

Faction details

Related quests

  • [55] Magi Hold: Jale, the Terror of Kojan