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Tasc generator 5000

KDQ quests are the quests begining in Shores of Darkness, they are divided in 4 tiers, each including 10 quests. 2 sets of 5 quests, the first set is collection quests, the second is nameds killing quests. All of them are repeatable.

All quests are repeatable after using the Tasc generator 5000. You can collect the drops from mobs without having the quests, so the 20 hour delay on each quest is relevant only for the turn ins.

As for the collection quests, the higher the mob, the better the drops. For exemple a level 54 will more often drop 2 items than a level 53.

Each tim eyou finish a Tier, go back and talk to Master Cakesson, he will give you a new crystal Cog (one for each tier will be required for the final reward once you've reached maximum faction).

Tier 1

The first Tier requires only to talk to Tennant Eccelson in Shores of Darkness, then to James the Roche. James the Roche is the quest giver for all the quests of this line.



Tier 2


These quests open at 500 faction after a little talk with Dr. Daniel.


Tier 3


These quests open at 3000 faction after a little talk with Mr. Joshua.


Tier 4


These quests open at 11000 faction.


Faction and ranks

As you raise your faction with the KDQ, you'll obtain ranks, each rank allow you to start a new tier, and give you some rewards :


At 500 faction, you become a private, the reward is a Tiny Crystal Cog and the possibility to access to tier 2 quests.


At 3000 faction, you become a mercenary, the reward is a Small Crystal Cog and the possibility to access to tier 3 quests.


At 11000 faction, you become a commando, the reward is a Medium Crystal Cog and the possibility to access to tier 4 quests.

Full Agent

At 27500 faction, you become a specialist, the reward is a Large Crystal Cog .

Rewards from the quests

The direct rewards from the quests are a crate and an additional Ancient Platinum Coin for the named kills.

The crates can be opened only with the help of a Crate Crusher 3000, which is bought inside the big tent in Shores of Darkness, by Grebthar the Hammer.

See also: KDQ Rewards.

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