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It is also a thought, Disc and necros can FD  and not be affected by the fear.
It is also a thought, Disc and necros can FD  and not be affected by the fear.
=Related quests=
=Related quests=
*[50] Recover The Argent Coil
*[50] Death from Above

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Kotasoth in his lair.png Name: KOTASOTH
Level: 53
Difficulty: 6 dots
Race: Dragon
Location: Basement Wing (APW)
Chunk: Ancient Port Warehouse

Known drops

Known abilities

Mark of Doom.png
  • Dragon Fear: Accuracy Reduced. Energy Drain. Endurance Drain. Movement Speed: -50%.
  • Corrosive Acid: AoE Physical, average damage is around 900 every 5 seconds. -5% AC. -200 Intelligence.
  • Venom Breath: AoE Physical, average damage is 850 per hit.
  • Tail Swipe: AoE on his back, average damage is 2700 per hit.
  • Wing Buffet: AoE cold damage, average is 2700 per hit.
  • Harsh Venom Breath: AoE Physical, average damage is 1600 per hit.
  • Bite: Melee damage, average is 7300 per hit
  • Fury of Kotasoth:
  • Doom: Your fate is sealed! All incoming heals reduced to 25% effectiveness.
  • Disintegrative Spit: 1800
  • Claw: Melee damage, average is 5600 per hit.
  • Rejuvenate: Heal for 2.000.000 hit points.
  • Mark of Doom: You will die immediately on the next melee hit.
  • Armor Gouge:
  • Poisonous Ward: Dexterity: -250.


Kotasoth and Zaygius room

First would be clearing a path to Kota. Kill infectors. No arcane on these mobs.

After infectors are killed, the raid can move into the cave.

There will be a small area in front of Kotasoth where the raid starts. Looking at Kota if he is at a 12:00 position. The pull will be to a 9:00 position. The 3:00 position is the "Safe Area", more on this later.

  • Do's -- A LOTof DPS. LISTEN there will be several things called during the fight.
  • Don'ts --- Do NOT use hate feeds this will have a reverse effect (to be confirmed)

PSI's need to be in Transcendence stance (Immune to fear)

Some of Kota's abilities include Dragon Fear. This will drain your mana and place a buff on you for 10 minutes which will not allow you to gain any more. Fear will occur at 80% and every 2 minutes after that. (Someone needs to be keeping time).

Kota will also heal very often, starting around 80%. this must be countered !

Doom -- Doom is placed on the tank who has agro at 7 minutes 4 sec into the fight(You can force Kotasoth so a certain tank receives the Doom buff and should). When doom is placed on the tank, "Mark of Doom" will trigger 1 minute later. This will damage the person with Mark of Doom on them along with raid members within range at the first melee hit. To avoid raid wide damage at approx 30 sec after Doom is placed on tank they will run to the initial staging area where you first walk into Kotasoth's room. Doom goes off and OT runs back to raid. Doom will be placed on a new person 36 seconds after the Mark is triggered so once again Kota will have to be forced to a tank to receive Doom and repeat the process.

Quick fight summary :

Tank grabs agro and places Kotasoth at 9:00 with tanks back to the 3:00 position. At 80% Dragon fear hits. Raid runs to safe corner(3:00 position) and comes back ONLY when called after the fear hits. Counters have to be in place to stop Kotasoth from healing. Basically rinse and repeat until the Doom cycle starts.

I believe the PSI's are immune to the mana drain in Transcendence state.

It is also a thought, Disc and necros can FD and not be affected by the fear.

Related quests

  • [50] Recover The Argent Coil
  • [50] Death from Above

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