Karrus Ennir

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Karrus Ennir.jpg

This dungeon is located in Karrus Hakrel and has a level range from 34-36.


  • Clawbeast Eviscerator 5x36
  • Mantodea Architect 5x36
  • Manifistation of Fear 5x36
  • Gelthu's Reason 6x40 (yellow)


Uuvari's Merc Camp

  • Storm Crystals Qaar wants you to kill Stormy Apparations and Delusions. Few are scatteres but the Cave of Mist is your best bet.
  • Infusion Ingredients Uuvari Jhael wants you to collect ingreadants. Found the Egg in Gethu's room although there were some clicky eggs in the Plodding room as well. Spines seemed to drop of the clawbeast slasher most often.
  • A Many-Legged Threat Uuvari wants you to kill 3 Scolovendria. Killed the 3 in the hall before Gethu's room.
  • Architects of the Caverns. Fhaela Jhael wants you to bring him the hands of 14 Mantodea. These are found throughout KE.
  • Meat of the Earth Retrieve a meat offering for Arshia Dalvand. The meat is a ground spawn in the ALter of Offerings room.