Karrus Hakrel Dungeon

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This dungeon is located in Karrus Hakrel and has a level range from 36-40.


  • A. (Egg chamber not sure it has a name)
  • B. Kerrusion Grave Yard
  • C. Kerrusion Ritual Room
  • D. The Pit
  • E. Alter of Vaisa
  • F. Cave of the Fallen
  • G. The Royal Chamber


  • Summoner Yelvu 4x37 (Room East of the Entrance)
  • a. Summoner Kelker 4x37
    • Summoner Theru 4x37 (located on the opposite ledge to the east) PH is a Summoner
    • Summoner Hilthu 4x37 (located on the ledge to the northeast) PH is a Summoner
    • Summoner Faru 4x37 (located mid level between Olphon and Hilthu) PH is a Summoner
    • Summoner Gilba 4x37 (located at the top of the SW Ramp) PH is a Summoner
  • b. Summoner Olphon 4x37 PH is a Summoner
  • c. Storm Reaver Greljrek 4x38 PH is the Storm Lord both drop ritual runes
    Terlask 4x38 (Invis Snake)
  • d. Water Lord Gurglabrash 4x38 (big slime)
  • e. Water Lord Zelbu 4x38 (can reach by dropping down after killing Yerriek) PH is the Warlord
    Caretaker Zelk 4x39. Found on the ramp leading to the Pit. His PH is the Kerrusion Caretaker (Drops a Red Ritual Rune PH farmable if needed)
  • f. Dak'kun 4x38 (Ogre)
  • g. Water Lord Yerriek 4x38 Ph is the Titan Lord
  • h. Herald of Vaisa (Quest Giver)
    Ixleble The Spore 5x39 (Sprite on the Tall Shroom)
  • i. Toral'Kun 5x39 PH is the Trapped Tsunami Titan
  • j. Bound High Lord Obsiderru 5x40 (Yellow)
  • k. Water Lord Lokru 5x40
  • Karrusian Clawbeast Matriarch and Patriarch both 4x37 Among the clawbeasts at location A. always drop Aqual orbs.
  • HRUKSTRAZ 6x40 found roaming the pit at Location D, non snareable
  • The Golden Droplet This is a little 1 dot lvl 37 Yellow slime that randomly spawns inside the dungeon. Drops yellow items.


Uuvari's Merc Camp

  • 1. Corpse Run (group): Uuvari Jhael on the second floor of the merc camp wants you to find his gear. The creature Uuvari refers to is HRUKSTRAZ, who can be found at location D in the pit.
    Luckily the quest can be completed by searching one of the skellys found on the ground inside the pit.
  • 2. Claws of the Beast (group): Qaar Vhejal the general goods vendor wants you to obtain 8 clawbeast claws. Clawbeasts are found at Location A. but any clawbeast in the zone will due.
  • 3. Clawbeast Eggs (group): Fhaela Jhael wants you to gather 6 clawbeast eggs. Eggs are ground spawns located at section A.

Herald of Vaisa

  • The Karrusian's Hidden Power (group): Collect 5 Malkaru Mushroom Caps and return to the Herald.
    The mushroom caps can be found in the 3 large rooms to the east of the Alter of Vaisa.
    • Freeing Obsideruu (group): Bring 30 shards of Obsiderru's Staff, 32 aqual orbs, and 1 Karrusian Crystal Ball to the Herald of Vaisa.
      Staff shards drop off any of the Karrusian's in the easter sections.
    • Melting Ice: Bring the Herald of Vaisa a shard of luminescent ice to be melted into 3 glowing orbs.
    • Fallen Adventurers (Elite): Bring 40 glowing aqua orbs to the Herald of Vaisa in order to recieve the object necessary to raise the fallen adventurers. Take the vile to the Cave of the Fallen (F), when you click it, it summons 5 mobs in a circle in the center of the cave.
      Sorcerer Vhelsuun 3x39
      Ranger Asharus 3x40
      Fen his pet 3x40 (can pull seperate)
      Cleric Thelias 3x40
      Warrior Ukar 3x41
      • As you defeat the 4 named you will release a shade that walks to the back of the cave. When all 4 shades are released a chest will spawn.
      • Recieved a tome thats used in the next chain and a set of lvl 40 orange legs.
        • Ancient Power (Raid) Bring the ancient Karrusian Tome, and 80 glowing Aqual orbs to the Herald of Vaisa.