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Khal Overview
Khal at night
Chunk Khal.png Chunk: Khal
Continent: Qalia
North Chunk: Cliffs of Ghelgad
West Chunk: Lomshir Plain
South Chunk: Jharru Flats
East Chunk: Qa Riverbank
Closest Riftway: Khal
Detailed Graphic: click here


The port city of Khal is located at the mouth of the Lia River on the northern Ahgramun Coast on Qalia. The magnificent twin guardian statues of Fasid and Harah serve to welcome foreigners from near and afar as vessels sail into the carved stone harbour in the city centre. Built to withstand the harsh climate and unpredictable seasons of the desert, Khal stands as a testament to ingenuity, craftsmanship and brotherhood.

Aside from being the gateway to the continent, Khal is well known for its wide array of merchants and traders. From here, caravans are sent in all directions delivering goods to the far reaching outposts deep within the Qarath and Liath Deserts. Khal is also a hub of diplomatic activity, and has recently attracted all manner of politician; both noble and crooked. The backrooms are filled with double talk, swindling, and ill-intentions.

Players start away from the city on the Cliffs of Ghelgad in Karibasa Village. Although you can see the great city of Khal from the vantage points at Karibasa, you are warned not to rush to Khal so quickly. Learn the ways of the desert and her people before heading there.


Quest NPC Vendor Boss
Age Old Sandclops‎
Bameen Shariati‎
Dayara Garpur'qani‎
Corrupted Water‎
Rhaathul the Corruptor‎