Khegor's End

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Khegor's End.jpg

This dungeon is located in Three Rivers Village and has a level range from 13-18.


  • Spirefang 13x4
  • Ruulga the Chained 15x4
  • Overseer Belwry 15x4
  • Captain Gronn 15x4
  • Klukril 16x4
  • Shalegust 17x4
  • Shrillscream 17x4
  • Assistant Nalwin 17x4
  • Archaeologist Brunol 17x4
  • Proctor Balina 18x4
  • Barkeep Deepstone 18x4
  • High General Doltrom 18x4


Acquired at Themnwar's Shield

From Apprentice Rildar Blackstone:

  • [12] Scratching at the Surface I (Solo)
    • [12] Scratching at the Surface II (Solo)
      • [14] Mapping the Mine (Group)

From Prospector Ghudry:

  • [12] Breaking Hammers (Group)
  • [12] Liquid Metal (Group)

From Guard Captain Stoneforge:

  • [12] Unexpected Help (Group)
  • [17] Suppression (Group)
  • [18] Lower the Guard (Group)

From Investigator Hulgran:

  • [16] It's in the Air (Group)
  • [17] A Deeper Mystery (Group)

From Guard Dunbeard:

  • [16] Bones of the Lost (Group)

From Investigator Rulmagyr:

  • [16] Under the Skin (Group)
  • [18] Tome of Stone (Group)

From Engineer Paleforge:

  • [17] Whirling Stones (Group)

From Guard Coppereye:

  • [18] Lost Lockboxes (Group)


Khegor Ironstone dug a mine a long while back. Into the side of the mountain he dug, reaping riches upon riches of great ore. But what was unearthed as Khegor delved deeper into the mine would be his undoing. Khegor's old mine became Khegor's End.

Recently the Oathbreaker Clan have moved into Khegor's old mine, and have begun to build. They've begun to build weapons and also a plot to take over influence in the area around Themnwar's Shield and even Bordinar's Cleft itself!