Lair of the Vi'Rak

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This map is not up to date, but the dungeon layout is the same.
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The Lair of the Vi'Rak is a level 52+ dungeon located in Ruins of Vol Tuniel, beneath The Fallen Temple of Vol Tuniel.

Dungeon Access

There are two ways to access the Vi'rak Lair at VT. You can grind through VT or for a faster rout you can teleport from the Sacred grounds of the Mystics. The sacred grounds are located east of VT. Simply look for a large crevasse in the ground. The Cave at the far end has a clickable vortex at the end that will port you to the Vi'rak Lair opening.

Known Encounters

The mobs in the Lair of the Vi'Rak buff each others with enchantments (see list below). So the roamers, because they meet many different allies, have more than one enchantment, which make them more dangerous. It is highly recommended to strip these off at the begining of the fights.

The respawn timer is one hour for every mob in the area.

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You can also find Admiral Jagistur Cairn in T3 area, next to the central platform for the quest Heroes of the Past.

Known Drops

Vi'Rak Items

Items can be created with a combination of looted, bought, crafted and diplomacy obtained components. These items can be upgraded via specific enhancements, also looted in the dungeon.

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Abilities used by the mobs

Beneficial abilities

  • Greater Enchantment: Chilled Scales. Increase Fire Absorbtion by 25%, increase Vi'Bal poison effects damage and duration by 25%.
  • Greater Enchantment: Ember Shield. Rune vs Cold: 30%, adds 5% fire damage proc to Vi'Xur's lightning attacks.
  • Greater Enchantment: Fungal Surge. Regeneration, Increase Vi'Rak Critical Hit Chance by 25%.
  • Greater Enchantment: Innoculation. Increase Physical Absorbtion by 25%, increase Vi'Sil disease effects damage and duration by 25%.
  • Greater Enchantment: Mystical Ward. Rune vs All: 50%. Increases Vi'Zax earth mitigation by 25%.
  • Greater Enchantment: Electrical Shield. Damage Shield. Increase Vi'Cor cold and water effects damage by 25%.
  • Major Stance: Vein Focus. Used by Vi'Bal Neophytes.
  • Flame Aura. Deals fire damage to nearby enemies. (Ignores AoE Mitigation). Used but Vi'Rak Scorchers.

Detrimental abilities

  • Broken Might. Critical Hit Chance reduced.
  • Lesser Aquatic Complication. Melee refresh timer +15%, Spell refresh timer +15%, Energy costs +15%, Endurance costs +15%.
  • Mortal Char. DoT that splashes damage to allies within range.
  • Weakened. Strengh, Dexterity, Vitality, Wisdom and Intelligence reduced (by around 60 points).
  • Fractured Will. Accuracy reduced.
  • Power Sap. Energy drained every 6 seconds.
  • Armor Melt.
  • Muscle Sear. Endurance Reduced. Melee Slow: 15%. Vi'Rak Pyretic.

Ability types by mob

  • Vi'Zax Ritualist: Holy.
  • Vi'Zax Mudslinger: Physical.
  • Vi'Zax Lurker: Melee.
  • Vi'Sil Defiler: Physical & Holy.
  • Vi'Rak Blazeclaw: Melee.
  • Vi'Cor Vaporbeast: Cold.
  • Vi'Cor Objurgator: Holy.
  • Vi'Cor Impaler: Cold.
  • Vi'Bal Morbidicon: Physical.
  • Vi'Bal Mephitic: Holy.
  • High Tormentor Zeraxez: Physical & Holy.

Resists, immunities, etc...

Class specific

  • Psionicist's spell Apathy (lull) lands as follows:
    • Vi'Bal Morbideon : Lands OK
    • Vi'Zax Drone : Immune
    • Vi'Sil Defiler : Resisted
    • Vi'Zax Mudslinger : Lands OK
    • Vi'Zax Ritualist : Immune
    • Vi'Bal Toxicant : Lands OK
    • Vi'Cor Impaler : Unsure
    • Vi'Sil Wracker : Unsure
    • Vi'Rak Kindler : Lands OK
    • Vi'Rak Blazeclaw : Unsure
    • Vi'Rak Sun Bringer : Immune
  • Psionicist's charm does not work in Vi'Rak.
  • Psionicist's mesmerise works on everything apart from those listed here:
    • Vi'Rak Kindler
    • Vi'Rak Sun Bringer
  • Psionicist's Mindspy returns the following (can be cast on mobs without getting agro):
    • Defense: Resist the Elements (highly resistant to elemental damage for 12 seconds, group)
    • Weakness:
    • Aggression:
  • Cleric's lull:
    • Vi'Cor Objurgator: Immune

By ability types

  • Physical:
  • Mental:
  • Spiritual:
  • Arcane:
  • Cold:
  • Fire:

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